Genshin Impact has received several updates to its co-op since its release. However, there are still improvements that can make it even better.

With massive success, Genshin Impact has enticed millions of players to explore the expansive open world of Teyvat. Family and friends alike can pair up and adventure together, doing a variety of activities through co-op. While the game’s multiplayer functions have received updates since release, several improvements will enhance Co-Op Mode in Genshin Impact even more.

While the storyline is reserved for Single-Player Mode, there is still plenty of content in multiplayer. With Genshin Impact’s crossplay available between PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile, there are plenty of people available to adventure with. Up to four players can band together in a host’s world and tackle World Bosses, Domains, Ley Lines, and just simply explore.

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In Version 1.5, co-op got better when Genshin Impact added a housing system. This allows players to build a new home in one of three realms and craft decorations. Friends can help each other gather materials for crafting and enjoy spending time at each other’s houses. Also, in Version 1.6, the long-standing crafting issue in multiplayer has been addressed. Player’s can now craft in others’ worlds instead of having to leave and come back, saving a lot of time and annoyance. And, events are allowing fans to do challenges in Co-Op Mode, offering fun mini-games for friends to do together.

Changes Genshin Impact Can Make To Improve Co-Op

Genshin Impact Farming Better With Friends Co-Op

One upgrade that can change multiplayer is a matchmaking queue or chat. While there is a chat available, it’s only handy after entering another’s world. So for people looking to do anything other than Domains, there isn’t a great system in place to find different adventurers. In the Co-Op Mode screen, there should be access to a chat or queue where users make known what Bosses they need help with or what they’re farming. It will allow users to respond and join worlds according to needs. Sometimes friends aren’t online, and it’s not easy to find someone to play with, so this would be a great option because Genshin Impact farming is better with others.

Another great option would be some form of weekly challenge Domain specifically for co-op groups. It could be similar to the Spiral Abyss, challenging teams to multiple battles with specific conditions. Or, It could include a quest available only inside the Domain that all players can grab and work on together. Genshin Impact could also create a permanent form of PvP combat, where teams battle against each other and test their tenacity and skill. It could be a fun way to break up the redundancy of Hilichurls and try something new.

When discussing multiplayer for Genshin Impact, it’s important to remember the limitations, as it isn’t officially an MMORPG. So, while doing story quests with friends would be amazing, it doesn’t necessarily fit the game. However, there are plenty of improvements Genshin Impact can implement to keep making co-op better.

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