Here’s a closer look at Tesla’s newest electric vehicle, the Model Y, and how much buyers can expect to pay, with and without customizations.

Those who follow the Tesla brand are likely aware of its newest electric vehicle, the Model Y. However, those who are cognizant of Tesla but don’t follow the automaker’s every move, might not know that much about the company’s first electric crossover SUV. Here is a breakdown of the features and potential costs of owning a Model Y in 2020.

Initially unveiled in March of 2019, the Model Y is a smaller and more affordable version of Tesla’s mid-sized SUV, the Model X. As Tesla’s newest electric vehicle to roll off the assembly line, the Model Y is just beginning to find its place in the crossover market. Production on the vehicle only began this past January and the first customer vehicles started arriving in March. Since then, Tesla has already dropped the price of its Model Y by $3,000. It should be noted that these price drops are less a sign of Tesla struggling to make sales, but more of a benefit of new cost effective manufacturing processes.

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While a drop in the purchase price on Tesla’s website seems to be quite common amongst its entire fleet of vehicles these days, it should not disparage the notion that the electric vehicle manufacturer has big plans for the Model Y. With Gigafactories already open in Shanghai and under construction in Austin and Berlin, the Model Y will soon be one of the most widely produced models in Tesla’s current arsenal, alongside the more consumer-friendly Model 3. Just last month, CEO Elon Musk announced streamlined production practices for future Model Ys that would speed up the assembly process as well as reinforce the structural integrity of the vehicle itself.

Two Powertrain Options, Performance Wheels and… Seven Seats?

Model Y Powertrains

While there have been rumors of up to four available powertrain options for the Model Y, only two are currently available, according to Tesla’s site. Both utilize a dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD) system, but it is up to the customer to decide whether they prefer speed or mile range. As shown above, the Performance Model Y is much quicker off the line to 60 mph and offers a top speed of 155 mph. With 21-inch performance wheels coming standard on this model, the crossover Model Y leans more toward a speedy sedan like the Model S. On the contrary, the Long Range powertrain offers an EPA range of 316 miles, 25 miles further than the Performance model. While the Long Range option does not come with performance wheels, there is an option to upgrade to 20-inch wheels for an additional $2,000.

While the option is not yet selectable when building a new Model Y online, a third row seven-seat feature will soon be a reality. Just recently, Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that the seven seat option would begin delivering in December. Regardless of which powertrain a customer chooses, the seven seat option (when available) is listed to cost an additional $3,000. All in all, the Long Range option starts at a price of $49,990 and can go as high as $66,990 with all add-ons like exterior color, custom interior, seven seats, and full self-driving capabilities. The Performance Model Y starts at a higher initial price of $59,990 and can cost as much as $74,990 with all added features.

So the question remains, should you buy a Tesla Model Y? No matter what powertrain and features someone chooses, the Model Y will still cost quite a bit more than combustion engine crossovers, although it is still Tesla’s second most affordable vehicle available. As the youngest Tesla on the market, it’s too soon to tell how successful it will become. That being said, Tesla’s infrastructural plans have been keenly focused on streamlining and improving the production and design of the Model Y moving forward, so it seems to have quite a bit of faith in the model’s future. If you are looking for the cargo space of an SUV and the performance of a sedan, but have a little bit more money available to ensure luxury and zero carbon emissions, the Model Y sounds like a perfect option.

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