Amazon Pharmacy is the newest service from the online retailer and allows Prime members to receive their prescription drugs in the mail.

Amazon has launched a new Pharmacy program to make it easier to order prescription medicine. The online retailer has already cornered the market on pretty much everything, making the need for many consumers to leave their home almost nonexistent. Now it looks like Amazon is attempting to do the same with the prescription drug market as well.

Amazon has been rapidly expanding its services over the years, whether that be through its large array of smart home devices powered by the Alexa voice assistant or its video streaming platform that allows users to stream hundreds of movies and shows on demand. Of course, the convenience of ordering items from Amazon is also getting better as well, thanks to new features like Amazon Key which allows Prime members to have their packages delivered safely inside their garage, even when not at home.

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Now Amazon plans to bring that same convenience to customers through its new Pharmacy program. Customers will be able to enter the new Amazon Pharmacy store through the online retailer’s site or mobile app. The new storefront will allow users to safely enter their insurance information into a pharmacy profile that also keeps track of all prescriptions, refills, and drug facts. Amazon Prime members will also be able to take advantage of the free two-day shipping for their medications as well.

Prescribing Amazon Prime

Amazon Pharmacy will add more benefits for Prime members besides free two-day shipping. Prime members who pay for their prescriptions without insurance will receive an up to 80-percent discount on generic medications and 40-percent on name brand medicines. Even more surprising is that Amazon has said this discount will be eligible to Prime members at over 50,000 brick and mortar pharmacies across the country. Participating pharmacies will only need to be presented with the member’s digital Rx savings card that can be accessed via the Amazon app.

Other benefits of using Amazon Pharmacy include 24/7 access to professional pharmacists on the phone who are ready to answer any questions about medications. The online storefront will also make it easier to research prescriptions, alongside their generic counterparts, to provide customers with more information about individual drugs. Once customers have made their decisions, they will be able to use the site to compare prices with or without insurance to see if the medication may be cheaper with the Prime savings. The entire experience sounds convenient and the fact that users can take advantage of the Amazon savings at their preferred local pharmacies is also a useful feature.

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