LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 4, 2020 / Hafiz Ahmed and Qadeer Wagriya, guys behind Madsgency, always wanted to travel the world, live the life of laptop nomads, and enjoy life. This story shows you how they made it possible.

Hafiz Ahmed hails from a middle-class Pakistani family; he, along with his parents and his siblings, had to live in one room, until he decided to strive smart for his dreams.

Likewise, Qadeer Wagriya, not too many years ago, had a very difficult decision to make. His parents hardly managed to save some cash for his education, but he decided to invest that money in his business.

Ahmad, an expert in designing webinars and evergreen funnels, and Qadeer, being an expert on paid traffic optimization and ad automation, make a perfect combo. However, this wasn’t always this perfect.

Ahmad ditched a lousy teaching job to build an online business. He wanted someone to mentor him and he found one and learned the art of creating high converting automated webinar funnels.

Likewise, Qadeer was also into affiliate marketing. He was running ads to sell those products, but there were many problems with that model – unsatisfactory commissions, no option to improve the theatrics and “meh” kinda results being the top ones.

Being a paid traffic genius, Qadeer realized very soon that he had to go from affiliate to vendor; which is exactly what Ahmed also wanted to do for a long time, so in 2016 they launched their own info product and they went very successful due to Ahmad’s webinars funnel skills and Qadeer’s paid traffic and conversions skills.

They became the first-ever marketers to introduce the webinar funnels to the local market and this was the same time when people who were aware of their proven methods and success records, started asking for their help with the funnel design, ad optimization, and automation, etc.

And that turned into what we now know as Madsgency. It exploded. By the end of 2016, they had gone bonkers. That was the exact time when they were already signing up some big names and they were only working with international clients. Their Done-For-You ad management, optimization, and funnel design services were already very high in demand.

Ahmad and Qadeer are now known for a host of very successful digital marketing campaigns because of whom their clients always vouch for them. They helped Niel Malan save $6 to $9 per lead as soon as they shifted his funnels from Facebook to YouTube. They helped Gavin Stephenson hit the home run with $360,000 net revenue on one promotion. And John Crestani, famous YouTuber and marketer, believes that Madsgency is the biggest reason why he made $7mil+ only in the year 2019.

Very soon the marketing community on social media discovered their genius, they were interviewed by famous organizations like WebinarJam and many people were showing interest in learning from them.

This realization that there is a need for a better learning experience, got them to think of their next big move – The Tube Framework Elite Program. The program is two-fold; learn how to run, optimize and automate YouTube ads, and also learn how to brand and sell YT advertising as a service.

The exact DFY ad running, ad optimization, funnel automation, and account management services that they offer to their clients can now be learned in a fast-track and customizable program.

Another part of the program is focused on client acquisition and the business side of the whole advertising thing.

Anyone can learn both aspects of this unique program and with nothing else, but a laptop and an internet connection, they can have a fast track entry into a world of bliss. Travel as much as they like, turn business into pleasure and simply lead the laptop life they deserve.

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