The great benefit of Fotor software is that you can edit the images you have taken and vastly improve the images after you transfer them onto the laptop, in the meantime, you can easily make designs via their stunning design templates with a few clicks, because their 25,000 designs are made by professional design team. This gives the photographer and  amateur designers and marketers a chance to edit the pictures into any effect they prefer, apply whatever designs they need for work and life, and many people like it that way. So here are a few ideas on how to use this best photo editing tool.


Actually many digital cameras will remains some problem photos or images, like asymmetric, red eye from flash shots, ghost image and overexposure etc. For all these problems you will one single solution which is Fotor, the digital photo editing software program to take editing to the next level.

If you are looking for more versatile design function, you may want to know what it can do for you. There are many functions in such Facebook post/cover maker, Twitter post/cover maker,  Logo Creator, business card maker, resume design and you can easily stand out from crowds by using these design templates.


Comprehensive Photo Editing Functions

This  offers numerous editing features like crop, flip, resize, roll, rotate, sharpen, etc. You can as well customize the brightness, contrast, saturation, levels, etc. of the photos. Many digital image editing techniques can be easily compensated by using it. You can select the corresponding mode in the convert filters to correct the distortion caused by lens tilt.

Powerful Filter Effects

It offers users various filter effects to improve and perfect your images, including: red eye removal, Blur, Edge, Border, Noise, Charcoal, Emboss, Gaussian Blur, Black & White, Oil Paint, Raise, Shade, Spread, Swirl, and Wave. You can change your images to black and white or sepia-toned, etc.


Flexibility to edit, correct, and improve your digital photos

Fotor offers flexibility for you to edit, correct, and enhance your digital photos. This application provides a feature to import photos directly from a folder on the computer. This program interface is divided into several sections. You can correct red-eye effect that often occurs when you photograph people’s faces, or set White Balance.

There are various filters to make images look stylish appearance filters to sharpen the image. This program also has a menu to add text to images, drawing objects, and send photos via e-mail.

Abundant Import and Export Formats

It can support a handful of commonly used formats like JPG, GIF, BMP, PDF, PICT, AVS, MTV, etc. For the best photo-editing tool, it can support at least 100 kinds of other not frequently used picture formats.

Color Correction

Color Correction Techniques is nothing but an art of balancing colors of objects in an image. Besides, this, it is also used to make adjust the contrast, brightness and dullness of the photographs. The color of cheek, teeth, hair, clothes, and various other sections are balanced with the use of latest color correction processes.


Fotor is one of the best photo editing and design making software in this filed. It has been ranked five stars by many authoritative websites and recommended by millions of users. It’s powerful editing function and user-friendly interface has won great reputation. You will be able to try its results with a trial version on the official website. Now make your nice photos with Fotor—the best photo editing tool.

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