The new exotic scout rifle, Dead Man’s Tale, in Destiny 2 takes a bit of work to acquire, but it is worth the hassle, especially with a god roll.

Week Two of Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen kicked off on February 16, 2021, introducing the new exotic quest for the Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle and another week of seasonal challenges. An homage to leverage-action Winchesters made famous in Western films, Dead Man’s Tale sports low recoil and a perk that increases damage with each precision hit. The scout rifle is great for annihilating minor and major combatants and can even be a contender for boss damage if Guardians find themselves out of special and heavy ammo.

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The Destiny 2 community assumed the mysterious ship introduced in screenshots revealed prior to Season of the Chosen’s launch was the location for an exotic quest. That assumption was revealed to be true as of February 16, 2021. As part of the quest to obtain Dead Man’s Tale, Guardians will board that mysterious ship and fight through Scorn enemies and tackle some interesting puzzles as they navigate the derelict vessel.

How to Get “Dead Man’s Tale” Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2

Acquiring the Dead Man’s Tale exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2 requires a few steps. The first step players should take is to load into the Arms Dealer strike on the EDZ. Once there, Guardians need to kill all the enemies in the first room. After accomplishing that, instead of deploying their Ghost and proceeding through the strike, gamers will notice some doors open on the right side of the room. Go through those doors and fight through the enemies beyond until reaching a couple of platforms outside.

Defeat the minor boss located there and travel to the furthermost platform on the right. Within an open container players will find a scannable item. Scan the item and return to Zavala in the Tower, who will give Guardians a quest called “The Voice on the Other Side,” which unlocks “The Presage” exotic quest on the Tangled Shore. Opening the Tangled Shore on the map will allow players to see the icon for the quest in the upper left corner of the map.

Launch the quest and players will load into a cutscene and begin their journey to navigating the mysterious ship. On the landing pad, fans will notice they cannot open the front bay door into the ship. Instead, they should turn left (if facing the door) and jump onto some platforms far off the ramp’s edge against the ship’s exterior hull.

Keep platforming around a corner that juts to the right and continue upward and forward. Eventually, players will come across an opening on the right when they reach the final platform. Journeying through that door will lead Guardians through some twists and turns in what feels like a ventilation system. Shoot some metal grates to reveal more pathways and eventually jump down to the floor below. This is where fans will come across some of the quest’s primary mechanics to solve some puzzles: Levers and Spores.

Levers open doors that typically provide access to Spores or Electric Cores players will need to destroy to either open another door or disable an electrical field. Spores grant a buff called the Egregore Link when players stand next to them and shoot them. With the buff, Guardians can pass through certain fields that are otherwise protected by a deadly substance that will slowly kill players who try to enter the pathway without the Egregore Link buff.

Destiny 2 - Presage Quest for Dead Man's Tale

Navigating the ship is relatively straightforward. Players will spend some time pulling levers, shooting spores, passing through protected fields, and destroying power cores to shut down electrical fields or open doors. Explore every room to locate the hidden levers, spores, and electric cores. Eventually, players will drop down onto a platform that will rotate as their Guardian gets close to create a surface on which to stand. Looking to the right will reveal a small chute into which gamers must drop, leading to a trash compactor area where the walls will close in (after pulling a lever) until players become squished.

To escape, fans must shoot the metal grates on the ground to reveal power cores beneath. Shoot all the power cores (three total) to make the walls pause and retract. One of the grates will have a trapdoor beneath that will fall away after the walls cease moving. Guardians will then drop down the opening and continue making their way through the ship. The next big room players come across will spawn waves of Scorn. These enemies are tough and being able to destroy all three elemental shield types will be a plus in the next couple rooms.

Fight through the waves of enemies in these two rooms, the latter of which is a hangar area. Once all enemies are defeated, leave the hangar by heading left from the room’s entrance, leaving outside through the large bay doors and platforming around the ship’s exterior again. Platforming will lead players to another hangar bay, where they will need to jump upward to find another pathway. Continue forward, completing more puzzles utilizing levers, spores, and energy cores while fighting off Scorn enemies. Eventually, gamers will come to a boss room. The boss is not too difficult but does require some agility to avoid his devastating melee attacks or fire streaks. During the fight, the boss will jump down onto another floor below where the fight begins. This second area causes burn damage. So, players will need to activate three levers on the top floor, one of which is in a room that also causes burn damage. For solo players, save this switch for last.

Activating all three levers extinguishes the burn damage on the bottom floor and fans can now take the fight to the boss again. However, after depleting enough of his health, the burn damage will reactivate, and Guardians will need to hit the three levers on the top floor again. During this time, enemies will spawn, and players should dispatch them before focusing on the levers and returning to the boss (solar damage is recommended for shields, though, stasis is also good for area control).

For players tackling the mission solo, the boss fight is more than doable. After jumping down to fight the boss when the burn damage has been deactivated, stand on one end of the room and deal damage. The boss will close the distance. When he does, jump up to the top floor, run to the other end, and drop back down to deal more damage. Repeat the process until the burn damage comes back and it is time to pull the levers and kill adds again.

Once the boss is defeated, an indicator will appear on the map players should follow. It will lead them down another narrow path and open into an area where the Guardian who put out the distress signal is located. He is super dead, but this is where gamers get their prize: The Dead Man’s Tale exotic scout rifle. However, fans should not freak out if the weapon does not appear in their inventory right away, as they will have to revisit Zavala to officially unlock it and have it in their possession. From there, players can repeat the Presage mission to get the random rolls for The Dead Man’s Tale.

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