Among Us does not have a Steam workshop page, but players can still add mods to their game that create new outfits. Here’s a guide on how to do so.

The recent surge in popularity Among Us has experienced led to a large influx of new players and an incredibly active player base. All of these new crewmates, or impostors, can take on a variety of appearances thanks to the numerous hats, masks, and color options available in customization; not to mention, the various pets they can bring with. It’s not often that a cosmetic combination is seen twice, giving each astronaut a distinctive feel along with their name. However, for those looking for a little extra diversity to spice up their game, there’s a way to add more outfits to the game.

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Custom skins allow players to masquerade as anything they can design, but there’s a catch: only the player can see their modifications. This is because the outfits are altered using the player’s own assets, which differ from person to person. Here’s a guide on how to make unique gear in Among Us by modding the game’s files. As a prerequisite, messing with the game files in any game is not recommended but if a player just has to change their look, here’s how.

Making New Skins in Among Us

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The first thing players will need to do is find and download the Unity Assets Bundle Extractor online. Among Us itself is made in the Unity engine, so this specific program will allow anyone to take files out of games made with Unity. To do so, open the extractor and click on file, then open and select “Assets 7” in the Among Us asset folder. Players can get this game’s files by right-clicking the game in their Steam library and selecting ‘Browse Local files’. From there, select all of the 2D texture files, because that’s where the outfit data is stored, and click the plugin option on the right to export them as PNGs.

Now that the files have been taken out, they can be modified to make the custom outfits. Open up the file titled ‘Hats’ in a preferred painting program and edit them. Once complete, place the new one back in the same folder to replace the unmodified data. Be sure to save a copy of the unaltered hat files in case the default ones are ever wanted again. To finish the process and put the customized content into the game, repeat the same steps with the Unity Extractor, but this time choose to edit the preexisting data by importing the new file. Then click the folder containing the edited assets and choose to upload them. Upon doing so, the new outfits will be able to equip in the game! Because they replace content already in the game, other players will be wearing anything that’s been changed as well.

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Among Us is available for PC and mobile devices.

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