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Selling a luxury property involves too many challenges. And, finding potential buyers for properties worth millions of pesos requires a lot of patience, since these types of houses tend to last longer in the market than those that are more affordable.

A luxury property is slightly different from selling any other more moderate house or property. Here are 4 tips to sell your property

1) If you have to carry out actions or reforms, better leave it as it is.

Any potential buyer who has the budget to invest in a property of this style, will most likely end up doing some reform (even a minimal action), to leave the house to their liking. Therefore, it is not worthwhile for the seller to invest money in leaving the property in good condition

2) Hire a real estate agent who has experience in selling houses of this style.

You have to know how to choose the appropriate intermediary who knows how to get the potential out of the property. For this reason, the chosen agent, in addition to being a real estate advisor, must also be an interior designer, builder, architect, tax advisor and even legal advisor.

It is important to know the history of the real estate agent. The more experience you accumulate in housing of this type and the more specialist you are in the area, the more likely you are to succeed.

Like all brokerage work that is well done, there will be a commission charge. As the amount of the transaction is high, the commission in principle will also be. This is a very high incentive for all real estate agents in the area to say that they are real estate agents for luxury homes. It is not enough just to appear to be agents of luxury properties, but also, you have to be and this is more difficult. For this reason, spending some time looking for the agent most related to you or your interests is important to make the sale happen.

Many times the capital smart city seller is reluctant to pay a commission to the intermediary, since the work carried out is not sufficiently valued. Remember that the intermediary’s commission is deductible when there is economic gain, the famous capital gain

3) Be discreet when posting the property

I think it is a common practice. Everyone, when we intend to buy something, the first thing we do is look for information online. When you intend to buy or rent a house, we do it the same and, we do it with more reason to see how the prices are.

Therefore, it is normal for a property, even though it is luxury, to be promoted on the internet. This promotion must be consistent, in the same way that it is done in offline advertising. Is it true that we will never find a promotion for a high-end car in the promotional brochures of a supermarket? The same happens in any promotion of any luxury home.

The real estate agent that is selected will know which channels to choose to reach the correct target audience, and will have personal and professional relationships on the same level as the buyer and the seller. Not all agents have these types of relationships and not everyone knows how to access them. Sometimes these relationships have been built on many years of experience. In other words, the level and quality of agent networking is important. This factor is key to materialize the operation. Without this first level, everything that can be done more to market the property, sometimes does not make sense.

In most cases, a first contact is made through another intermediary, that is, the person interested in investing in a property of this style, delegates to the person they trust (either another agent, their manager or your attorney) search for the property in question. You do it because simply because you trust him, and he will understand what you are looking for, understand your needs and will have enough time to search. Having access to these contacts is important for good sales management and, therefore, knowing how to choose the right real estate agent.

In addition, they are special, unique and highly identifiable properties. If you don’t do a selective promotion , too many people will know about it and we can have serious privacy and intrusion issues.

4) Not only do you have to hire an agent specialized in this type of property, but you must be a specialist in the area.

Sometimes the market trends for luxury properties are very different from the market trends for not-so-select properties. It is important to find the agent, who really understands the current market conditions, for this type of property, and can advise you on the best actions to take.

Many owners often think that the more brokers they have, the more likely they are to sell their property. This is not always true, normally what is achieved is “burning the product”, that is, making the property uninteresting. If the property is in several portals for too long and is not sold, it is that you will have a problem. This is what a potential buyer usually thinks. If the right intermediary is hired, and if the advice he offers is followed, there should be no problem selling the property in a reasonable time using only one intermediary.

5) You can post add also

Before you rush and post an ad if Blue World City, take a deep breath and create an effective marketing strategy by keeping the following key points in mind.

1. Plan a photoshoot

Hire a professional photographer who can capture the appeal and unique details of the home in each shot.

It is much easier to fix the decorations and furniture before the session than to make adjustments in Photoshop. Don’t skimp on expenses and make sure the photos are really professional. Running the shoot during sunrise or sunset will add some appeal to the image.

Remember that, on the web, you only have two seconds to capture the attention of potential customers, so be sure to use the best photos. Eye love is born.

2. Create stories

Property descriptions are often boring. Why not tell a story? Review of the neighborhood where it is located, the places of interest that are nearby or the activities that can be carried out within the area.

People not only move into a house; they will make a living there. Was the house built by a famous architect? Did any historical person live in the area? Are there frequent cultural events?

3. Use your contacts

Communicate with your contacts. Whether it’s with other luxury property agents, lawyers, celebrity clients, or entrepreneurs. Word-of-mouth advertising is still quite effective, and in high places it is important to market through close contacts.

Inform your closest contacts that you will have a luxury home for sale, hold a small event at the property so they have the opportunity to see it EXCLUSIVELY, which is one of their favorite words.

4. Inform the neighbors

Inform neighbors that the property will be on the market. These people may surely have friends or family who are interested in moving to the area.

Send your neighbors an email inviting them to take exclusive tours of the property, letting them know they are VIP guests. This can help you get in touch with potential buyers long before the property goes on the market.

This can help you significantly reduce the property’s days on the market, increasing your visibility long before you have to run an ad. Once the ad goes live and the house’s days on the market increase, smart buyers will expect a price reduction.

Once your ad is published, be constant in your communication on digital channels but continue holding exclusive events at the property, inviting the media and potential buyers. Surely you will close the sale soon!

At SKyMarketing Islamabad, we are specialists in the intermediation of luxury properties within the country urbanization since 1932. Our involvement, generation after generation, in the construction of the properties that make it up and the subsequent reforms and maintenance that have been In fact, they make us experts of virtually all real estate properties.

In addition, unlike other real estate agencies, our added value is to give advice and make the most of each of the houses using current construction and design methods, always taking into account the client’s budget and their tastes.

We have extensive feedback on properties that we have built and that we have subsequently also made some reform or expansion.

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