Cuphead and Mugman are now available costumes in Fall Guys season 3. Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock them and what’s included.

While Fall Guys has maintained a dedicated base of players, it fluctuates in popularity among the masses and popular streamers. Now on their third ice-themed season, Fall Guys keeps its players entertained with fun new costumes to buy and flaunt. Like any other free-to-play game, Fall Guys comes with a market full of microtransactions. One of the latest editions will have indie fans excited.

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Brand-new to the Fall Guys cosmetic wardrobe are Cuphead and Mugman from the popular indie game, Cuphead: Don’t Deal With the Devil. Fans of the indie platformer enjoy its old-school Disney cartoon aesthetic while implementing horrifying Lovecraft-like enemies. In a recent crossover campaign, Cuphead and Mugman skins have become available in Fall Guys. Here’s how players can get them for themselves.

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Fall Guys – Cuphead and Mugman Skins

Fall Guys Cuphead Crossover

There’s no secret way to unlock these new cosmetic items. Players will have to fork over a hefty number of crowns for the full set. The sets break down into two tops, two bottoms, and one unique emote. All of these can be purchased for a total of 25 crowns.

  • Cuphead Top – 5 Crowns
  • Cuphead Bottom – 5 Crowns
  • Mugman Top – 5 Crowns
  • Mugman Bottom – 5 Crowns
  • Cuphead Emote – 5 Crowns

Players with 25 crowns laying around are probably some of the best Fall Guys players in the community. Crowns can only be earned by winning shows and cannot be purchased from the marketplace. Those looking to grab these new skins will have some serious grinding to do if they’re short on crowns.

The edition of Cuphead and Mugman comes fresh off the heels of Fall Guy’s mid-season update, which introduced and a new event and implement 40+ variations of the existing maps making for unique show experiences every time. These changes were implemented to shake up the current Fall Guys meta and assure that players aren’t relying on pure muscle memory to make it through classic stages. For those who were able to run through Slime Climb with their eyes closed, sorry, Fall Guys put a stop to that.

What’s Next for the Cuphead Series?

Fan’s of Cuphead that aren’t actively playing Fall Guys can still be excited about the crossover. While Don’t Deal With the Devil is still the only Cuphead game available, talks of future Cuphead expansions are still being had. The next release, entitled The Delicious Last Course, was delayed to 2021 back in November.

Developers at MDHR are dedicated to the quality of their expansions and refuse to compromise it for an earlier release. We all know how hard Cyberpunk 2077 fell on its face after being rushed to last-gen consoles. It’s hard to imagine any gaming company is willing to let that be the fate of their upcoming releases. The Delicious Last Course is slated to be Cuphead’s final chapter and has already been delayed twice, originally planning on a 2019 release.

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Fall Guys is available on PlayStation 4 and PC with plans to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One,  and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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