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A Trump-Biden tie in Electoral College could lead to … President Nancy Pelosi
With the 2020 presidential election just days away, many are speculating about what would happen if there is a tie in the Electoral College vote. One possible outcome could be … President Nancy Pelosi.

Although unlikely, an Electoral College tie is not entirely impossible and does have historical precedent.

The Electoral College consists of 538 votes distributed among all 50 states and Washington, D.C. To become president, a candidate must win a majority of these votes, with 270 being the absolute minimum.

But 538 is an even number, meaning there could be a scenario in which both candidates receive 269 electoral votes. In that outcome, the vote would go to the U.S. House of Representatives to break the tie.

The vice president, meanwhile, would be chosen by the Senate in the case of a tie. This means that the U.S. could have a Republican president and Democratic vice president.

If the House of Representatives can’t decide on the president, and the Senate has chosen a vice president, then the vice president would become the acting president until the matter was resolved.

If neither the Senate nor the House can pick someone, then the speaker of the House — Nancy Pelosi — would become acting president until both chambers of Congress decide on someone. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
– Hillary Clinton to serve as Democratic elector for New York
– Which states have the most electoral votes?
– Michael Moore doesn’t believe the polls showing Biden ahead of Trump
– McConnell says Democrats have ’50-50′ odds of flipping Senate control
– Dems make early-voting history against Arizona Republicans
– Election 2020 polls show Biden with slim lead in Florida, wider lead nationally, with 5 days to go

Tucker Carlson shares how UPS explained missing package of Biden family documents
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson used his Thursday night monologue to update viewers on a missing package of Biden family documents that was being shipped from New York City to Los Angeles via UPS.

Carlson was in Los Angeles when the package was shipped, preparing for an interview with former Biden family business partner Tony Bobulinski.

“Somewhere along the way,” Carlson explained, “the contents of that package disappeared. Inside was a flash drive that contained primary documents pertaining to the Biden family. Those documents did not come from Tony Bobulinski. And of course, we made a copy of those files before we sent them, because we’re careful.

“We get a lot of documents from a lot of different sources all the time, but especially in election years,” he continued. “Before we put them on the air, we have to determine first whether they’re real, whether they’re newsworthy and whether it’s legal to show them. We wanted to assess what we had and we’re still assessing it.”

UPS claimed the flash drive was found Monday night by an hourly employee at the company’s building on 43rd Street in New York City, Carlson said.

“They suggested it might have been sitting on the floor there. They couldn’t prove that because remarkably, in a room where millions of high-value packages are handled, there are no security cameras. That’s just what they told us,” he added.

“Obviously, we had some questions about it, but UPS executives did not answer our questions.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
– Tucker Carlson’s explosive Bobulinski interview draws 7.6M viewers as mainstream media ignores it
– ‘Damning’ Hunter Biden documents mysteriously vanish in transit to Los Angeles, Tucker says
– ‘Lapdog press’ blacks out explosive Tony Bobulinski claims as CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo skip story
– ‘Plausible deniability’: Tony Bobulinski claims Biden family shrugged off concerns about risk to 2020 bid

Fauci gives estimate on when US may get back to ‘some semblance of normality’
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the U.S., said recently in an online discussion that if a significant number of Americans get vaccinated he estimates a return to “some semblance of normality” by the end of 2021 or 2022.

Fauci made the comments while speaking with Australia’s University of Melbourne about the coronavirus, The Los Angeles Times reported.

According to the report, Fauci said the new normal could still mean restaurants do not serve at full capacity and the public continuing to wear face masks indoors. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
– Fauci calls coronavirus herd immunity approach ‘nonsense, very dangerous’
– Celebrities rip California’s Gov. Newsom over coronavirus Thanksgiving rules
– Fauci: ‘You cannot abandon public health measures’ even with COVID-19 vaccine
– UC Berkeley scientists examine human waste in sewers for signs of coronavirus hotspots: reports


– Pentagon leaders targeted by potential threats linked to killing of Iranian Gen. Soleimani
– CNN’s Don Lemon compares Trump supporters to drug addicts: ‘They have to hit rock bottom’ to get help
– Rapper Lil Wayne meets with Trump
– Glenn Greenwald speaks out on leaving The Intercept over censorship: ‘Embarrassed and angered’
– Ryan, Falcons avenge earlier loss to Panthers, 25-17

– Twitter shares plunge as user growth slows
– Instagram pauses ‘recent’ search listings on US site to stop fake election news
– Delta, pilots union reach tentative deal to avoid furloughs until 2022
– Netflix hikes prices of its standard, premium plans for new and existing members
– Black franchisees at McDonald’s file new discrimination lawsuit

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Tucker Carlson said “it’s been obvious for decades now that the Biden family has gotten rich from selling influence abroad” on Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Biden’s son and brother, Carlson reported, approached foreign governments and companies – Sovereign Wealth Fund, energy conglomerates, world oligarchs and dictators – and “they offered to exchange favors from Joe Biden for cash,” a fact until recently no one debated.

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