The beginning of a new year is a popular time to clean out the house, especially after so much of this year has been spent at home. But where do you start?

We turned to expert interior designer and stager Gail Dunnett’s to give us the scoop on how to quickly and efficiently declutter your home just in time to ring in 2021.

“I, too, hate to get rid of things, but it is therapeutic to do so and cleans the slate to set the stage for the new year,” said Dunnett, who also serves as principal of San Francisco’s studio D.

The rooms Dunnett decorates need to be fluid and uncluttered, which makes her an expert when it comes to getting rid of anything superfluous or unnecessary. Here are the top items she suggests tossing before New Year’s:

•Old towels-Towels that have outlived their usefulness are unsanitary and can make your bathroom look unkempt.

•Mismatched socks-Socks have a way of disappearing. Wearing mismatched socks is fine around the house, but it can get annoying. Chuck socks that have lost their mate and can’t be easily matched with another.

•Expired sunscreen-Sunscreen that’s past its use by date is ineffective. Throw it away.

•Used craft supplies-These are probably just gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. Toss it and reclaim some space.

•Holiday decor you never use-Don’t let items you have no use for take up precious square footage. Donate these, or toss.

•Old spices-Spices are sensitive to heat and light and can go bad if not used quickly. Go through your spice cabinet and remove anything that’s expired or won’t be used.

•Old makeup-Makeup can start taking on mold if more than a year old.

•Expired prescription pills-Don’t flush these down the toilet, though. Expired medication can often be discarded at your local police precinct or neighborhood pharmacy.

•Old pillows and bedding-Old pillows and bedding can be a magnet for dead skin cells and filth.

•Outdated tablecloths and dish towels-Replacing old tablecloths and dish towels can be an inexpensive way to gussy up your kitchen and dining room.

•Mismatched mugs, glasses plates-Go through your kitchen cabinets and weed out all the mismatched items.

•Old keys-Does your key ring look like a Medieval dungeon master’s? Weed through your keys and get rid of any you no longer have use for.

•Digitize old photos-Go through those family albums and put everything on a hard drive or in the cloud.

•Your kid’s old schoolwork-With a few exceptions, get rid of those essays and assignments you’ve been holding onto. Keep the ones with sentimental value, like drawings or art projects.

•Kid’s old sports uniforms that no longer fit-Again, unless they have sentimental value, reclaim closet space by getting rid of clothing your kids have outgrown.

•Old stuffed animals and toys-Don’t toss the most treasured ones, but consider giving the rest away to a thrift store.

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