Whether it’s robot waiters or self-driving couriers, the tech sector is coming up with solutions in the socially-distanced age. Now a company in Osaka, Japan debuted the first-ever foot-operated vending machine. 

The innovative design, created by DyDo, aims to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The “hands-free” vending machine dispenses food and drinks, but customers use foot pedals to make their selections. 

For contactless payments patrons just tap their phone onto the machine’s display. There’s also an option for shoppers to preorder items online, then scan their phones to retrieve the products in person. 

The food tray, which opens by the customer stepping on a lever, even has UV light sterilization so that products are decontaminated right when you buy them. Although the DyDo vending machines only have edible items now, the company plans to expand to things like essential gadgets and umbrellas. 

While the equipment is still in the development phase, its testers had mixed reactions. Some felt it wasn’t contactless enough.

”There needs to be a way for you to just order what you want on your smartphone and then have the machine drop the drink out for you when you get near it,” a person said according to Newsflare. 

”I’m so sure I would make a mistake with this system,” another worried, according to Newsflare. 

However, one tester had a more positive view, according to Japan Today, they said, “A new evolution in vending machines!” 

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