The 2021 Silver Britannica Coin

Four, new technologies: latent images, laser animation, micro-text and tincture lines add layers of security and animating effects.

JM Bullion introduces the dazzling 2021 Silver Britannia Coin with state-of-the-art security features that make it, “the world’s most visually secure bullion coin.” A product of the Royal Mint, the 2021 British Silver Britannia Coin is ‘Britain personified’ and features the iconic female warrior “Britannia,” gripping her trident spear and Union Jack shield atop the symbolic waves of the island nation. Famed British engraver Jody Clark designed the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, and coin artist and sculptor, Philip Nathan, carved the depiction of Britannia on the reverse.


The coin showcases four, new technologies: latent images, laser animation, micro-text and tincture lines that add layers of security and also bring life and movement to the foreground and animating effects to the background when the coin is gently rotated. It’s a high-tech rendering of an enduring heroine that has been captured in flowing robes and a Corinthian helmet since the 2nd century. ‘Britannia’ has also been the Royal Mint’s flagship bullion coin since it was first introduced back in 1987.

The new 2021 security features act to beautify and protect the coin as stated in the micro-print that borders the coin’s design: DECUS ET TUTAMEN — AN ORNAMENT AND A SAFEGUARD. The unrivaled visual effect of these elements is hard to replicate — affording anyone that acquires the 2021 British Silver Britannia Coin added assurance that they’re getting a genuine Royal Mint product.

The 2021 Silver Britannia coin contains 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver in BU (brilliant uncirculated) condition. Each coin has a face value of 2 pounds sterling, fully backed by the British government. Coins are available in soft, vinyl tubes of 25 or monster boxes of 500.


Silver has enjoyed more than 50% growth over the past twelve months. It’s an affordable metal that has proven to be a silver-lining for investors in a year rocked by pandemic, recession, volatility, and political division. The forecast for silver in 2021 continues to be bullish in light of the political push for alternative energy solutions — many of which depend on silver to produce power. It’s a versatile metal that’s not only used in solar technology but factors into the production of wind, hydroelectric and ocean energy. Investor demand for silver has also increased due to growing fiscal deficits, slumping GDP, recession chatter and pre- and post-retirees look for ways to diversify their portfolios and safeguard their wealth.


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