Doctor's hands in protection gloves holds Testing Kit for the coronavirus test.

Doctor’s hands in protection gloves holds Testing Kit for the coronavirus test.

If anything positive has come out of the pandemic, it’s the creation of new jobs that didn’t exist before 2020. Granted, some of the jobs increase one’s risk of being exposed to the virus; however, these are jobs that are vital in the fight against COVID-19.

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And even better is that some of these jobs require minimal experience because you’ll learn what you need to know on the job. For other positions, it can be helpful if you have some form of medical or safety background or if you have at least worked in the industry that the job will be performed in. And the pay isn’t bad, either. Some of these positions pay up to $32 per hour.

Take a look at these five jobs that didn’t exist before COVID and see if one of them may be the right fit for you.

Last updated: Mar. 15, 2021

Medical staff are checking the temperature of woman.

Medical staff are checking the temperature of woman.

Wellness Screener

As a wellness screener, you’ll use an infrared non-touch thermometer to take employees’ or visitors’ temperatures before they are allowed to enter a facility. If anyone registers a temperature of 100.4 or greater, you’ll be required to report it. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that everyone who enters the facility is wearing a face mask.

To qualify, customer service experience is helpful. You’ll also need your own phone to report those who register a temperature. The ability to stand for extended periods of time may also be required.

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nurse holds a swab for the coronavirus / covid19 test.

nurse holds a swab for the coronavirus / covid19 test.

COVID-19 Testing Specialist

A COVID-19 testing specialist has many duties, including setting up and preparing mobile testing equipment and checking in people for their testing appointments.

Some testing specialists guide people through self-administered tests, while others administer the tests themselves. Either way, it’s vital to follow all safety rules and precautions, including wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.

To qualify for this job, you’ll need customer service experience and a firm but friendly style of communicating. Organization and reliability are a must. Familiarity with tech tools, such as laptops, Google Drive and messaging platforms is also needed. Additionally, standing for two-hour intervals while wearing a mask, goggles, gloves and coveralls is required.

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Open sign in a small business shop after Covid-19 pandemic.

Open sign in a small business shop after Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Enforcement Officers

COVID-19 enforcement officers are responsible for following up on complaints they receive on individuals and businesses that are related to executive order compliance in their district. Documentation of all steps of the complaint investigation — from the initial report to the resolution — is required. Enforcement actions will be required as needed.

To qualify, a criminal history check will likely be required. Once hired, on-the-job training will provide much of what one needs to know to succeed. Training includes information about the coronavirus, how to reduce the virus’ transmission and executive order requirements that apply to individuals and businesses.

Enforcement officers may also be required to patrol public areas, like parks and playgrounds, to educate individuals and encourage compliance.

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man working on laptop

man working on laptop

COVID-19 Contact Tracer

Contact tracers identify and contact individuals who may have been exposed to the coronavirus via contact with a person who has been positively diagnosed with the virus.

The first step is to interview the person who tested positive to gather information, such as personal data, as to how exposure possibly occurred, who the person has been in contact with recently, current health status and whether the individual is a member of a high-risk group, such as a healthcare worker or nursing home resident.

Then, they contact individuals who may have been exposed, refer them for testing if needed and also provide education about the coronavirus, including how to minimize its spread.

To qualify for this position, above-average interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity are key. Knowledge of medical terminology and an understanding of how the virus spreads are also vital to success.

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Doors decoration for movie filming with vintage cameras 3D Render.

Doors decoration for movie filming with vintage cameras 3D Render.

COVID-19 Compliance Supervisor

  • Pay: Hourly pay not available, but companies that provide these professionals to production sets are charging $500 to $1,000 per day for their services

In response to Hollywood’s return to production and the crowded nature of production sets, the role of COVID-19 compliance supervisor was born.

People in this role are responsible for arranging for routine coronavirus testing for cast and crew members, ensuring common areas and bathrooms are sanitized and dividing cast and crew into zones based on testing frequency and ability to wear masks.

Then, compliance officers must make sure the groups don’t mix and alert people if their masks slip when they’re working. To help them accomplish this huge task, they train supervising crew members to sanitize and enforce safety protocols.

While there’s no set path to qualify for this position, a background in medicine, film, production or set safety is helpful. You can also search for “COVID-19 compliance supervisor/officer certificate programs” online to find out about current training opportunities, such as ones offered by Health Education Services or Safe Sets International.

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