Trivium makes 30 to 40 million cans a month, and the company’s growth is trending up

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A major Youngstown company is hiring after seeing growth there.

Trivium makes 30 to 40 million cans a month, and the company’s growth is trending up. It needs operators.

“Qualifications are intermediate mechnical aptitude, high school diploma, be able to do math and understand the measures that you’re taking,” said Michael Wood, the plant’s manager.

The operators keep an eye on the machines to make sure they’re able to make good product.

It starts with impact extrusion — taking a 1- to 2-inch slug and forming the bottle. It’s then lined and checked for imperfections inside, which could affect the product or the taste of a beverage.

Operators take multiple measurements along the way.

The final two steps are the decoration, or printing the outside label, and then the “neck down,” which is the final forming or shape of the bottle.

“Typically, if you have good aptitude, good mechnical aptitude, you can walk right in, and we can train you,” Wood said. “From the perspective, if you like manufacturing in a very clean environment, worked in metal forming before, I think you would find success here.”

David Santiago started at Trivium 22 years ago, and now he’s the operations manager.

Trivium helps many of the world’s top brands, from shampoo to hair spray to beverages. UpTime is a new energy drink where the bottle gets filled in Kent.

Trivium also needs machinists to make spare parts, which can help keep the machines running. It sees growth and opportunity ahead.

“If you look at the general trends of where companies are headed, they’re looking for sustainable product and something that’s infinitely recyclable. That’s what we make here, infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging,” Wood said.

Trivium also needs office workers, particularly in finance.

You can find more information on the job and apply online.

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