Photo credit: Keurig
Photo credit: Keurig

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Who says appliances should blend into your kitchen aesthetic? Jonathan Adler’s partnership with Keurig was made to stand out. Launching on Sept. 17, you can get the fun K-Mini Brewer Coffee Maker, along with the matching mug and K-Cup Pod Canister.

Keurig’s new platform, Brew the Love Collaboration, partners with prominent brand fans to roll out limited-edition collections. Adler is the first, and the brand’s first-ever designer collaboration. He personally designed the pattern with his own home in mind. The slim K-Mini Brewer is white with an octagonal pattern in various shades. It’ll add the pop to your space that you’ve been missing — plus, it’ll make your morning coffee that much better.

“Specifically designed by potter and designer Jonathan Adler to add a touch of modern American glamour to your home, this limited-edition Jonathan Adler Keurig collaboration is design forward and one of a kind,” the description says. “The iconic design of Jonathan Adler take center stage, with vibrant color and a strikingly bold pattern that give this space-saving brewer a signature style all its own.”

The last you want is yet another piece taking up space on your countertop, which is why this Keurig is perfect for anyone. It’s less than 5 inches wide and makes a single cup (6 to 12 ounces), so it’s just what you need to add style without the bulk. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all, and coffee is the first course.

The Jonathan Adler ❤︎ Keurig Collection is limited-edition, so you only have so long to take your kitchen design up a notch. It’s available on,, and in-store and online from Target. The K-Mini Brewer is $99.99, the mug in $9.99, and the canister (which holds 28 pods) is $14.99. The set would make an adorable gift for someone (or yourself), right?

“Working with Keurig has been a delight,” Adler said in a press release. “It was a thrill to be able to put my favorite colors and patterns on my favorite brewer. I’m so excited — and so caffeinated.”

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