Knitting Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

From exclusive patterns to sources for yarn and supplies, and everything in between, these crafters provide endless inspiration.

Knitting is experiencing something of a comeback in the DIY world right now, and it’s not difficult to see why. Equal parts crafty and cool, knitting is both a calming and creative way to design your own one-of-a-kind clothing and décor items. “Knitting is a tactile, rhythmic therapy for me,” Denise Bayron of Bayron Handmade explains. “Knitting, sewing, and the making of garments and home goods is a slow art. It forces you to sit down, pace yourself, and breathe.”

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Thanks to Instagram, there’s a whole new generation of knitting artists and ideas available at your fingertips. Looking for inspiration for your next project? Read on to learn about several modern knitting artists that are making major waves on the ‘gram.

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Denise Bayron

After quitting her longtime job as the vice president of a fashion public relations agency, Denise Bayron traveled to Southeast Asia, where she volunteered as an educator for a fair-trade organization. “I learned crafts such as hand-sewing and embroidery directly from Thai artisans,” she says. “When I returned to the states, knitting was a natural progression, and I fell in love with it immediately.” Today she applies this global perspective in her line of modern knitting patterns for Bayron Handmade, including ones for sweaters, cardigans, and capelets. “My work aligns with my desire to live more sustainably.” Follow: @bayronhandmade

Gaye Gillespie

Known for her bright, hand-knit accessories, as well as her love for orange-colored yarn, Gaye Gillespie originally picked up knitting to nurse a broken heart. “I know everyone says this,” she says, “but knitting literally saved my life.” Both her blog and Instagram are filled with her colorful knitted creations, which range from scarves to hats and sweaters. Follow: @ggmadeit

Ani Lee

Australian knitting artist Ani Lee launched Close Knit in 2015 with a mission to “bring communities together over craft.” Thanks to her wildly popular podcast and super hip Instagram account, she’s long accomplished her goal, and continues to inspire a future generation of up-and-coming knitters. Follow: @close_knit

Black Girl Knit Club

In 2019, friends Sicgmone Kludje and Vea Koranteng founded Black Girl Knit Club to help create an online community for modern black knitters. “We realized there wasn’t a space or group for women that enjoyed knitting that represented us,” Koranteng says. Today, you can peruse their website to find everything from knitting tutorials, to wax print yarn for sale, to up-to-date data about diversity in the craft. Follow: @blackgirlknitclub

Jeanette Sloan

Jeanette Sloan first learned to knit at the age of seven, when her mother taught her the craft. “Knitting isn’t just what I do, it’s really part of who I am,” she says. A former freelance textile designer and educator, in 2016 she picked up knitting again after recovering from two brain tumors. “It’s been a source of both comfort and distraction that’s brought me through treatment,” she says. “It provides stillness and calm.” You can shop her books and accessories at her online shop, or check out her Instagram for pics of her bold-colored creations. Follow: @jeanettesloan

Anna Maltz

Beloved for her colorful hand-knit sweaters and attention to detail, Anna Maltz has already earned a major following in the DIY world. You can shop her online store for adorable scarf, sweater, and mitten knitting patterns, or browse her Instagram for behind-the-scenes snaps of her one-of-a-kind designs. Follow: @sweaterspotter

Alexandra Tavel

When Alexandra Tavel launched her knitwear company, Two of Wands, in 2014, she did so with a modern approach to the timeless art form. Today, she spends her days handcrafting shawls, sweaters, scarves and more, all of which you can find on her Instagram. You can also shop her online store for patterns and kits so you can make your own. Follow: @twoofwands

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Vincent Williams

If you’re a fan of colorful knits and yarns, then Vincent Williams is the modern knitter for you. Years after his grandmother first taught him how to crochet, he founded his bespoke knitwear brand, Visuvio’s Crafts, with a mission to bring quality handmade clothing and accessories to the public—and Instagram. Follow: @visuvios_crafts

Stephen West

If bold, bohemian-inspired knits are more your speed, check out Amsterdam-based knitting designer Stephen West. As cofounder of the online yarn shop Stephen & Penelope, his Instagram feed is filled with his rainbow-hued creations, including chevron-striped shawls and color-blocked scarves. Follow: @westknits

Hailey Smedley

Inspired by her great-grandmother, Hailey Smedley launched Ozetta Fiber Arts to provide sustainable, organic yarns and fibers made with all-natural dyes to the masses. Peruse her feed for inspiration for your next knitting project, as well as snapshots of her gorgeous hand-skeined yarns. Follow: @ozetta

Jacqui Fink

Based in Sydney, Jacqui Fink is best known for working with chunky yarn and oversized needles, plus high-grade, naturally dyed merino wools from Australia and New Zealand. In 2015, she launched Little Dandelion, an online shop where you’ll find everything from luxury yarns and knitting needles to patterns and more. Follow: @jacquifink

Jewell Christine

If you’re a fan of fair-isle style sweaters and two-toned knits, then do yourself a favor and follow Jewell Christine on Instagram. The Chicago-based knitter is the woman behind the popular all-in-one- knit and crochet shop NorthKnits and has a feed brimming with behind-the-scenes snaps of her creations. Follow: @northknits

Summer Lee

Few things liven up an Instagram feed like pics of quirky and colorful knits. Knitter Summer Lee has made a business of handcrafting one-of-a-kind socks and sweaters in a rainbow of energizing patterns and designs, and even offers downloadable patterns of a few of her favorites for a mere five dollars. Follow: @summer.lee.knits

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Ocean Rose

If delicate, lightweight knits in earthy muted shades are more your mood, consider looking up London-based knitter Ocean Rose on Instagram. Her feed is filled with airy ombré-hued yarns and dainty shawls, sweaters, and accessories that you can purchase at her Etsy shop. Follow: @ocean_bythesea

Andrea Mowry

London-based knitter Andrea Mowry has been designing fun yet sophisticated knitwear pieces since 2014. As the founder of Drea Renee Knits, her online shop offers knitting supplies ranging from yarn to patterns and kits, while her Instagram is filled with her hip garments and accessories that are every bit as unique as they are well-crafted. Follow: @dreareneeknits

Home Body Fibers

If you aren’t already familiar with Home Body Fibers, now’s the time to get to know them. Based in Windsor, Connecticut, the knitwear brand has a beautiful blog you can follow online for tips as well as a thoughtfully curated Instagram feed. Head over to their Etsy shop to score one of their popular knit tea towel pattern kits or a set crystal stitch markers if you’re feeling fancy. Follow: @homebodyfibers

Xoli Ngcoza

Born in South Africa, knitter and certified nurse assistant Xoli Ngcoza first learned to knit as a way to connect with her patient, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The hobby has since evolved into Hand Knit by Xoli, an online gallery where you can shop her luxe assortment of handmade sweaters, jumpers, and beanies. Follow: @handknitbyxoli

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