Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) — Improvements to Lansing city buildings are on the horizon.

Mayor Andy Schor announced Wednesday that the City of Lansing plans to make improvements to municipal building infrastructure as part of an ongoing sustainability improvement plan.

The City will partner with Johnson Controls (JCI) to upgrade City buildings that Mayor Schor’s office says will lead to more than $20 million in savings for the City over the next 20 years and will create nearly 200 local jobs over three years.

The partnership with JCI was introduced to City Council for their consideration during the meeting on Monday, March 21, 2021.

“These infrastructure improvements will be a major step forward in our vision for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly City infrastructure. We can and must continue to find ways to save our residents money while providing vital City services. Making our public buildings healthier and safer for the people who use them is a common sense investment that will pay for itself over time. These improvements will be make sustainable changes for the City both economically and environmentally during a time when we have to be concerned about climate change.”

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor

In July 2019, the City of Lansing issued a public request for proposals for emergency performance contracting services for City services and JCI was selected.

The City’s “Healthy Infrastructure” partnership with Johnson Controls includes replacing outdated infrastructure management systems with new tech. The technology integrates with other building updates — including HVAC, lighting and building envelope improvements — to give facilities and other City personnel real-time data on system performance and optimization opportunities.

Existing budget funds will allow for the $11.9 million investment in these upgrades over the course of three years.

The upgrades will save the city more than $20 million in energy and operational cost savings over the next two decades, according to a press release from the mayor’s office.

The current scope of the “Healthy Infrastructure” partnership includes:

  • Citywide interior and exterior lighting upgrades
  • A complete interior renovation/remodel of the pedway that connects the Radisson hotel and North Grand Ave. parking structure to the Lansing Center
  • Citywide security and IT upgrades
  • Installation of a new energy management system that will optimize building heating and cooling
  • Replacing a portion of the existing heating system at nine buildings, including boilers and pumps
  • New exterior lighting and security at Fenner Arboretum
  • Building envelope weatherproofing
  • New rooftop units at nine buildings and new roofs at five buildings
  • Citywide HVAC upgrades
  • Implementation of a citywide service agreement and training program to support City operations staff for the life of the program

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