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The Laundry Masher is an addition to laundry care that allows users to  better penetrate fabrics for improved cleanliness. The device can be used for over 200 loads of laundry, eliminating bacteria with silver-infused beads.

What is the Laundry Masher?

Keeping clothing clean is a necessary part of hygiene. Along with brushing teeth and getting regular showers, consumers need to wear clean clothing to remain healthy and maintain their hygiene. Laundry detergent can be quite a significant expense, especially during these times. Even if the busy days add up, laundry can become malodorous as bacteria starts to grow within the heap, making them an even bigger risk to the user’s health. Consumers can stop investing in bottles and pods of detergent with the new Laundry Masher.

The Laundry Masher  includes ceramic beads in the center of the device, which have been infused with silver. This infusion allows the Laundry Masher to eliminate odor-causing bacteria that can thrive on clothing after it is worn. Rather than tossing out this product, it can be used over and over with other loads of laundry. In fact, the website states that it is easy to use up to 200 times (sometimes, more!) with laundry loads.

Along with the many benefits for the user’s laundry day, the pineapple-shaped Laundry Masher is eco-friendly, since there are no chemicals or even detergent needed to get the best cleaning possible. When the laundry is done, users will experience a fresh linen fragrance that naturally comes from the removal of the bacteria.

Purchasing the Laundry Masher

The total cost of the Laundry Masher entirely depends on the number that the user wants to purchase. Typically, the retail cost of just one Laundry Masher is $79.98, but the price has dropped down by 50% or more with the temporary special pricing.

Consumers have their choice of:

Since this product may not be the best solution for everyone, consumers that want a refund can contact customer service within 30 days to return the package.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Laundry Masher

Do users still need to add detergent or softener to ensure that clothing is cleaned with the Laundry Masher?

No. The entire point of the Laundry Masher is to eliminate detergent, making it eco-friendly. Instead, the plastic core has ceramic pellets that offer a light fragrance, cleaning the clothing as it goes through the washing machine.

How long will the ceramic pellets continue to wash clothing?

Based on the claims online, these pellets should wash up to 200 loads of laundry, though it is possible to last for longer. Users will not be able to refill the pellets and will instead need to order a new Laundry Masher, if they didn’t select one of the multi-pack options from checkout.

Is the Laundry Masher big?

No. This product is relatively small. Users should be able to grasp its size in their hand easily.

Are there any specific temperature considerations or washer settings that consumers will need to be careful of?

No. The Laundry Masher can handle cold or hot water temperatures, and the shock-absorbing material won’t cause the washer to make a tone of noise while in use. Plus, the device features vents along the exterior, which means that no water or laundry will get caught in it.


The Laundry Masher is a useful accessory for anyone that wants to  reduce the amount of chemicals that they add to their machine. The device is eco-friendly, and users won’t have to add any detergent to make a difference in the cleanliness of their clothing. Though the price is usually much higher, the low cost now makes it affordable for a broad range of budgets, especially considering the detergent that users will no longer have to purchase.

Laundry Masher Email: [email protected]

Laundry Masher Website:  https://www.getlaundrymasher.com/

Laundry Masher Phone Numbers:

United States & Canada: 866 206 1533

United Kingdom & Ireland: 03308 180912

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5003

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