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Being an experienced and successful lawyer is not enough for you to reach people; find ways to reach your audience and help them discover law firms like yours when they are in need.

Let more people know that your law firm exists, about your successful practice and get your assistance. Reach millions, tell your story to them, generate leads, convert visitors to clients, and let your phone ring. But How? The answer is obvious, through ‘Law Firm Marketing!’ Ongoing law firm internet marketing could help you reach new clients and your goals quickly and easily!

Build Credibility and Authority with High Converting Website

Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Represent Your Brand with Creative & Engaging Digital Marketing Assets

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Rank on Top of Major Search Engines

Google My Business Listings (GMB) – Get on Google Directly!

Google Maps 3 Pack Marketing – Drive Massive ‘Qualified’ Traffic!

Local Lawyer Directories – Improve Authority & Boost Local Visibility

Press Releases – Reach Millions of Eyeballs 

Content Marketing– Attract, Engage & Convert

Blogger Outreach – Reach Larger Targeted Audience

Social Media Marketing – Connect & Convert

Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Marketing – Generate Leads & Get Quality Cases

Authority Link Building – Improve Your Search Engine Rankings and Domain Authority

Video Marketing – Capture Wide Range of Audience

Online Reputation Management – Improve Positive Reviews & Ratings

Spread Your Uniqueness – Make Yourself Unique from Competing Law Firms

Google Q&As – Collaboratively Connect With People Directly on Google!

Pay-Per-Click – Get Instant & Consistent Traffic

Email Marketing – Reach & Connect Audience with Tailored Messages

Newsletters – Maintain Regular Contact & Improve Trust

Use a CRM (customer relationship management)

Build Credibility and Authority with High Converting Website

Build a professional, user- friendly, responsive, and high-quality website. Make sure it is well structured, organized and mobile-friendly (About 80% of search today is mobile).

Website design and content play a key role in converting users to clients. An appealing website with simple navigation attracts the users. Informative and engaging content on the site not only grabs the attention of the visitor but also provides them the information/ details they are looking for and encourages them to contact you. Compare your website with some of your other law firm competitors (top ranked on Google and well performing); if you feel that your website falls short against some of your competitors, you want to level up on your website; so you are not a losing business based on design and content.

Make sure you structure, organize, and maintain your website based on your market and target audience goals and as per search engine guidelines.

“As per Susan Baroncini-Moe [1]

Your web site reflects you as a business owner and professional. If your web site looks professional, your potential clients will think you’re a professional who has enough clients and enough income to have a site built for you. If potential clients visit your web site and it looks half-assed and home-built that’s how they’ll perceive you.”

As per Brittany Hodak [2]

“In fact, in a recent study, 87% of respondents said they had searched online for local products, services, or businesses in the past month. The stronger your URL and website copy, the more likely your business is to appear in search results on Google and other search engines. Internet search and website visits are used by customers more than all other methods of research, including recommendations from friends and family, newspaper circulars, radio, and social networks. A good online presence can also seriously improve your credibility.”

Keep It Appealing, Informative, Engaging, Simple and Easy to Access

∙ Your website should convey the crystal clear informative message to your visitors/ users.

∙ It should be appealing (styles, graphics, colors, fonts, images, etc…)

∙ Make it User-friendly (Easy to use/ simple navigation)

∙ Post Visitor engaging, informative and relevant content (for what user is looking for)

▪ List your practice areas (one internal-page per practice area)

▪ Provide Law educational content

▪ Legal assistance/ Do’s & Don’ts

▪ Use Search Engines optimized content

∙ Optimize on-page factors (Titles, Meta descriptions, headers etc…) with targeted

∙ Integrate Quick Call-to-action buttons

∙ Mobile friendly (responsive) and Speed loading

∙ Easy to access internal pages/ deep-links

∙ Attract the user to take action

∙ Put news and blog section

∙ Client testimonials and reviews page

∙ FAQ’s section

∙ 24/ 7 assistance

Conduct a Competitor Analysis – Know Your Competition

Do some research on your top performing competition; focus on how they are performing on website design, content, On-page SEO, Google my business listing/ Google maps, Back-links, their top performing keywords, blog posts, social media marketing, Google organic rankings, Paid advertizing, rating and reviews etc.

Try to figure-out what made them stand ahead on internet results and reach millions.

Represent Your Brand with Creative & Engaging Digital Marketing Assets

Marketing assets play an important role in representing your Brand or services to the people. Before you start your internet marketing efforts you may want to get your high quality marketing assets ready; such as

∙ Press releases

∙ Blog content

∙ Short length HD Videos

∙ High quality Info-graphics

∙ Presentations

∙ News-letters

∙ PDF file (if any)

∙ Photos

∙ Testimonials

∙ Articles for article marketing

∙ Assets for social posts, etc…

For lawyer marketing use KISS PR Press Release Service for Lawyers 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Rank on Top of Major Search Engines

The Goal of your SEO work is to rank your website on top of the organic search results of Google and other major search engines for your target keywords. If you want your website to dominate search results, you want to dominate Google page 1 for your top keywords.

Depending on what type of a law firm that you have, think about those keywords. Use Google auto-fill and keyword tools to find the best keywords (that have high search volume). Group those keywords (as per the topics), create new pages (internal pages) for each group with unique, informative, and detailed/ engaging content. Also, make sure your on-page factors have met Google webmaster guidelines and well optimized for search engines.

Here is some important on-page factors list (to name just a few) that you may want to focus and integrate your target keywords:

∙ Target keywords integration

∙ Improve site speed

∙ URL Optimization

∙ SEO titles/ Page Titles

∙ Meta descriptions

∙ Page content/ linkable content

∙ Header titles (H1, H2, H3 etc..)

∙ Image alt tags

∙ Use Schema mark-up & Rich snippets

∙ Internal linking (Anchor text)

If you work with lawyers and wants to get more page 1 rankings every single day talk to KISS PR for white label lawyer press release distribution service. 

Off-Page SEO: Acquiring back-links (especially through content) from high domain authority websites will increase your Domain authority and improve keyword rankings as well. Here are some effective Off-page SEO tactics (to name just a few)

∙ Social Bookmarking

∙ Local Citations

∙ Article submissions

∙ Influencer Outreach

∙ Blog Directory Submissions

∙ Social Media Linking

∙ Guest Author Postings

∙ Video Submissions

∙ Image Submissions

∙ Classified Ad Postings

∙ Social Profile linking

Google My Business Listings (GMB) – Get on Google Directly!

Using Google My Business Listing (GMB), you can directly list your business on Google for FREE. If you don’t have one, then set-it up, it’s very important in driving huge qualified traffic. If you already have a GMB listing then optimize it and rank it on Google Maps 3 Pack results for your targeted local search terms. Make sure you have all the details filled-up on your GMB account:

∙ Business Name/ Title (Capitalize first letter of each Word)

∙ Business Address

∙ Office timings/ Business hours

∙ Business Description with primary keywords in it (up to 30 words recommended)

∙ Phone number

∙ Website URL

∙ Keywords/ Tags

∙ Profile Picture

∙ Cover Photo

∙ Other Images/ Photos

∙ Company short length video (if any)

∙ Link your official social media accounts

∙ Integrate your website blog

Here is the process to Set-up Google My Business listing [3]

Google Maps 3 Pack Marketing – Drive Massive ‘Qualified’ Traffic!

Having just a GMB listing is not enough. The GMB listing has to be well optimized and needs marketing to rank it on Google Maps 3 Pack results for your target keywords.

∙ Optimize It

∙ Acquire reviews from happy customers

∙ Don’t ignore negative reviews, respond to them

∙ Monitor and respond to all the reviews

∙ Answer the Questions

∙ Perform content-based (storytelling) Maps marketing

∙ Update your GMB with latest assets (Photos, videos etc.)

∙ Keeping Posting content on Blog (that has been published on your GMB)

∙ Pay attention to Insights, track results (Know your customers’ behavior)

∙ Get new and more positive reviews

Local Lawyer Directories – Improve Authority & Boost Local Visibility

Discover high domain authority local lawyer directories (of your targeted locations) and post your business listing on them. Having a back-link from good local directories not only improves your domain authority but also drives more qualified traffic.

Press Releases – Reach Millions of Eyeballs  https://story.kisspr.com

Press Releases tactic is the most effective way of storytelling, improving brand authority and to reach millions with official news. Let people know the latest happenings of your practice, law awareness articles, success stories, case studies, awards won, and any story that you consider official.

Write an engaging and informative press release and submit your story to News Sites, Print & Broadcast Media Social Sites, Trade Journals, Google, Yahoo! AOL.Com, Cnet News, Forbes and to hundreds of high domain authority sites

“As per Amy Watson [ 4 ]: Most popular news websites in the United States as of February 2020, by unique monthly visitors*(in millions).

As of February 2020, the most popular news website in the United States was Yahoo News, with 175 million unique monthly visitors. Following closely behind was Google News with 150 million monthly visitors, before Huffington Post and CNN with 110 and 95 million unique visitors per month respectively.”

Image Source: https://www.statista.com/

Content Marketing– Attract, Engage & Convert

Content is key to successful Law firm marketing. Being a lawyer, you may have a lot of informative and law awareness/ educational articles to share with people. Create engaging, informative, and educational content on your practice areas and distribute it all-over.

Post it on your blog and share that content across social media, news sites, blogger outreach, communities, blog posts, article directories. Also, using your content, you may want to create and distribute marketing assets such as eBook, Short length videos, Info-graphics, presentations, PDFs etc…

Blogger Outreach – Reach Larger Targeted Audience

If you are looking for a great level of success in reaching millions of targeted audience and authority link building then Blogger Outreach is one of the best ways. Create informative, engaging and valued content; find relevant bloggers, social influencers, and journalists to share your content with them.

Social Media Marketing – Connect & Convert

Social media is the most effective marketing tactic to find and reach a larger, targeted audience. Tell your story effectively on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc..

∙ Optimize your social profiles and social company pages

∙ Post your stories

∙ Spread awareness on your practice areas

∙ Share legal tips

∙ Respond to comments

∙ Answer queries & improve interactions

∙ Share your success stories

∙ Actively participate on communities/ groups

∙ Improve connections, contacts, and friends

∙ Convert connections to clients

Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn marketing – Get Quality Cases

Being top performing social media platforms with millions of users on the Internet; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the best sources to connect with people, market your Brand, improve network/ followers/ connections, generate leads and convert them to clients.

∙ Optimize your profile

∙ Post Intro Videos (short-length), Photos

∙ Tell Your Story (with Valued and engaging content)

∙ Post valuable legal assistance tips

∙ Do’s and Don’ts in Legal issues

∙ Use High-Quality Info-graphics and HD Videos for Content Marketing

∙ Post engaging content regularly

∙ Create a law firm page

∙ Share your press releases, success stories & latest won cases

∙ Run paid ads to acquire instant qualified leads

∙ Increase followers and your network

∙ Collaborate with your network, answer their questions, and respond to comments

∙ Be an active participant, become a social influencer

Authority Link Building – Improve Your Search Engine Rankings and Domain Authority

Acquire high-quality relevant links to your website and its deep-links through Influencer Outreach, Social Media, Press Releases, Local Directories, Content Marketing, Blog commenting, News sites, Journals etc..

Video Marketing – Capture Wide Range of Audience

People love to watch videos because they are interesting, entertaining, engaging, and visually appealing. Storytelling is real, simple, and effective through videos.

∙ Create your law firm introduction video

∙ Create videos on Clients testimonials and reviews

∙ Create videos for each of your practice areas

∙ Make sure to use engaging script/ informative content on videos

∙ Focus on crate short-length videos (around 50 to 120 seconds)

∙ Optimize your videos for search engines

∙ Embed videos on your website

∙ Create YouTube channel to post your videos

∙ Distribute videos across Google My Business, Social Channels, Niche Communities, And Video Directories

∙Respond to comments

Online Reputation Management – Improve Positive Ratings & Reviews

Before a potential client reaches out to you, requests a free consultation or calls you, they usually Google your brand name, check for any reviews or your reputation. And if you don’t have good reviews (at least four or five stars showing up), if you have negative reputation showing on Google page 1 and major local search engines, you are going to be missing out on a lot of potential clients. Make sure to build a positive reputation online. Improve positive ratings and reviews; also address negative reviews with Online Reputation Management strategy.

Spread Your Uniqueness: Make Yourself Unique from Competing Law Firms

Create and distribute content on your unique specialties across Social media, GMB, blogs, communities, Journals, News sites; focus on the points that make you/ your law firm unique from other lawyers/ law firms. You may want to explore on:

∙ Your experience

∙ Your recoveries

∙ Your success stories

∙ Your team

∙ Your achievements

∙ Your case studies

∙ Your awards

∙ Your Reviews and testimonials

∙ Your specialties

∙ Your offerings

∙ Your availability

∙ Your fees structure

Google Q&As – Collaboratively Connect With People Directly on Google!

Attract potential clients by assisting them in Google Questions and Answers section. People post questions directly on Google, and these questions are displayed on Google page 1 search results when searched on relevant legal keywords. Assist them by posting answers to their questions; all that you need to have a Gmail account to answer their queries directly on Google.

Pay-Per-Click – Get Instant & Consistent Traffic

Paid advertising will get you instant qualified traffic and quick results. You may want to run paid advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and retargeting ads.

Email Marketing – Reach & Connect Audience with Tailored Messages

Have an email contact list set-up (your subscribers, clients, regular contacts, community, friends, and social media contacts); build an email database. Reach out with email marketing campaigns. Send informative and helpful content in your email message, such as educational messages on Law, legal assistance, Do’s and Don’ts of common legal issues, legal awareness articles etc…

Newsletters – Maintain Regular Contact & Improve Trust

Sending out email newsletters to your clients and contacts not only builds trust among them but also improves the authority of your practice. You can send the latest updates of your law firm activities, recently won cases, share happy clients’ testimonials, awards, introduce new staff, your latest achievements, and educational legal articles.

Use a CRM (customer relationship management)

CRM allows you to optimize your processes, stay organized, and work with both leads and clients to have the best outcome. You can also build automation, which aims to break down right now. One example here would be when you finish a case, and the outcome is good, you can have the CRM automatically send an email out to your client asking for a review. This helps build your ratings and reviews and your online reputation as well as helps you rank higher in the maps. And it’s going to all be automated.

Get Expert Help.  All You Have To Do Is Answer The Phone!

Being a busy lawyer, you may not find enough time to Market your Law firm. Consider hiring a professional law firm marketing team.  KISS PR Lawyer Marketing Experts can help you reach your marketing Goals, All You Have to Do Is: Answer The Phone


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