While this hasn’t been a banner year for cinemas, not all forms of entertainment have suffered in 2020. You might even say this is the Year of the Gamer. (But then, you could say that about any one of the past 30 years.) With a massive array of new, imaginative titles, and a ton of platforms to play them on, the gaming community is more open than ever to new ideas.

Sure, video games are fun, but what is it like to work on the other side of that screen? Thanks to this latest generation of development frameworks, creating games can be almost as entertaining as playing them—if you’ve got the know-how. Right now, there’s no better introduction to this creative industry than the Zero to Hero HTML5 Game Developer Bundle.

Even if you’re a complete novice to coding, this series of online courses will have you skating up that learning curve in no time. As the title implies, you’ll become proficient in HTML5, the current iteration of one of the most versatile languages in development, gaming or otherwise. But you’ll also get schooled in more modern coding languages like Python 3, not to mention the frameworks that make it possible to build an entire virtual world without a line of code.

That includes Phaser 3, one of the easiest and most powerful tools for game development on the market. The intro courses on this popular framework allow you to build your own Frogger clone within a couple of hours while also teaching the basics of HTML5, as well as proper game design principles. You’ll learn Javascript the same immersive way: by creating your own multi-level mobile game.

You may have never heard of tools like Meteor.js or Bootstrap 3, but by the end of this eight-course bundle, you’ll have a working knowledge of all of them, along with a handful of fully playable games—and the desire and ability to make more.

Ready to press play? PCMag readers can get lifetime access to the Zero to Hero HTML 5 Game Developer Bundle for $25—97 percent off the MSRP.

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