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As you may already know, Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their physical or digital products. Businesses of all sizes use Shopify, no matter if they sell online, through social media, in stores, or out of the trunk of their cars. In other words, Shopify is a popular platform for anyone who wants to build their own eCommerce business.

Although it’s an intuitive platform to use, you can easily set your eCommerce business and Shopify store apart from the crowds with the right approach. That’s where this bundle of online courses enters the picture.

The Complete Shopify Bootcamp Bundle teaches you how to create and launch a successful Shopify store with a 30-hour video guide to SEO, dropshipping, design, and branding. Normally $1,194, this bundle of online courses is on sale today for $29.99 (97% off).

Upon purchase, you get immediate access to six courses that walk you through creating and launching a successful Shopify store. Your Shopify training begins with two courses that discuss the different approaches to building an online store for a dropshipping business or a private label business. Regardless of what type of business you end up operating, these two introductory courses lay the foundations for telling you what you need to include in your store and what you don’t need. In other words, you learn how to create a Shopify store that suits the exact needs of your eCommerce business.

Alongside teaching you how to set up a Shopify store for two types of eCommerce businesses, this bundle shows you how to elevate your company’s web presence through SEO, design, and branding. Shopify, while it’s a great eCommerce platform, wasn’t designed to rank well on Google necessarily. So, this bundle includes two courses that will teach you proven strategies to improve your organic search rankings and traffic. Much in the same way, you want to give your website a premium, agency-designed look and feel to ensure it captures the attention of customers and differentiates yourself from the competition. By the time you finish up this bundle’s design and branding course, you’ll know how to improve your site’s user experience and have a beautiful store as a result.

All in all, The Complete Shopify Bootcamp Bundle helps you create a better Shopify store for your eCommerce business. Grab this bundle on sale today for $29.99.

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