Whether you love single-player adventures, battle royale extravaganzas, or anything in between, it’s safe to say that everyone plays video games for different reasons. Some enjoy the thrill of exploring virtual worlds. Others want to compete with friends and strangers to claim victory at the end of a well-fought match. Many more spend days, if not weeks, in their favorite titles to unlock achievements and complete games in their entirety.

No matter why you like to play games, you’ve probably thought about transforming your love for video games into a career in the gaming industry. If that’s the case, you’ll find this bundle of online resources, as well as the extra perks that come with it, a fantastic deal.

The Game Developer and Player Bundle Ft. PlayStation Plus teaches you how to create amazing games of your own with a lifetime membership to The School of Game Design and 40 hours of instructional video content on Unity, as well as subscriptions to PlayStation Plus and VPN Unlimited. Normally $7,049, you can pick it up on sale today for $99.99 and save 98% off its original price tag.

Game Development & Design: Lifetime Membership

The School of Game Design is a fantastic resource for kicking off your game development training. This lifetime membership grants you full access to a vast digital library of step-by-step training videos, making it easier to learn game development and design at your pace. In other words, you get convenient access to the instruction that will help you develop your coding and digital artistry skills for a career in the gaming industry, from the absolute basics to advanced techniques with popular game engines like Unity.

The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity

Want to dive straight into working with Unity? No problem! This course introduces you to the Unity Engine, as well as the fundamentals of C# programming. You begin your Unity training by learning how to navigate the Unity Engine’s different components, discovering unique features like the Asset Store along the way. Throughout this course, you have the opportunity to complete more than 30 interactive challenges that will test your knowledge and reinforce the concepts you’ve just learned. Just as important, you learn about distribution at the tail-end of the course, learning how to deploy finished games to over 20 mobile and web platforms.

The Unity C# Survival Guide

Writing lines of code in C# for Unity can be challenging, especially for those who don’t have a strong coding background. Not to worry, though! This course guides you through the basics of coding in C# through interactive challenges and problem-solving techniques. Put another way, it helps you go from an absolute beginner in C# to an advanced, job-ready one by the course’s end. What about those who have plenty of experience with programming but don’t know this language? If that’s you, then you can use this course as a helpful reference guide when working in C# for Unity.

The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity

A cutscene is a fantastic storytelling tool. Game developers, especially those working on narrative-driven gaming experiences, use cutscenes to advance storylines and keep players engaged. In this course, you will create a complete stealth adventure game in Unity, wherein you’ll make four finished, cinematic cutscenes that tell your game’s story. Using Timeline and Cinemachine, two of Unity’s latest features, you’ll learn how to build captivating cutscenes for your Unity game and take your storytelling skills to the next level with animation tracks.

The Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development

Whether you love them or not, mobile games represent one of the fastest-growing segments within the video game industry. Therefore, knowing how to build a mobile game can do wonders for your job prospects, especially early on in your career. This course teaches you how to create engaging and profitable mobile games from scratch. In this case, you learn how to create a dungeon escape adventure game using 2D animations. By doing so, you not only learn about the monetization and distribution process for mobile gaming, but also you have the chance to fine-tune your C# programming skills by mastering intermediate concepts like class inheritance, abstract classes, and interfaces.

PlayStation Plus: 12-Month Subscription

As you probably already know, PlayStation Plus empowers you to take your gaming experience to the next level. With this subscription, you can connect with a massive community of online gamers, as well as compete in and enjoy PS classics like Uncharted, Star Wars: Battlefront, and many more. Just as valuable, the subscription gives you access to two free games every month and cloud storage, allowing you to upload saved games and character profiles for seamless play across PlayStation devices.

VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

Given how much time we spend online these days, it makes sense to regain control over your digital life, and that’s exactly what VPN Unlimited helps you do. This top-rated VPN secures your internet connection, no matter if it’s your at-home private network or public WiFi, with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption so that your data is always safe. On top of that, it allows you to surf the web with lightning-fast speed and makes it a breeze to bypass geo-restrictions so you can always access your favorite streaming content. Add this to your cybersecurity toolkit, and you’ll enjoy a massive selection of servers worldwide, a wide variety of VPN protocols, and much more to keep hackers out of your sensitive data.

TLDR, The Game Developer and Player Bundle Ft. PlayStation Plus teaches you how to create amazing games of your own, as well as sets you up for better gaming and internet experiences with subscriptions to PlayStation Plus and VPN Unlimited. Pick it up on sale today for $99.99.

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