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I wake up on autopilot from the years of getting up early with the kids. They live with me in Tarzana, Los Angeles. My youngest, Happy, 23, is a photography major, Aanisah, 25, is a graphic designer, and my son Tahmel, 24, is a musician. The first thing I do is pray. Then I check my emails, watch the news and go through social media. 1pm I’m a night person and we’re not a big schedule family, so I stay in bed until 1pm.

I’ll put on my sweats and Macy Gray hoodie. I have so much merchandise from tours, but if I wear them out I look like such an a—hole! Then I make the best turkey bacon and tomato, basil and feta omelettes. I hate coffee, but love Fanta orange – that sugar zap is so good.


I have a very hot shower – the steam helps my vocals – then turn the water to freezing cold and gargle with Listerine. During lockdown, I got involved with the Good Night Songs for Rebel Girls album. It’s about empowering young women, so of course I said yes. I was a huge Madonna fan growing up, but Diana Ross is my number one. I also made an album with my band, the California Jet Club at The Village studio, where you have to wear a mask, get your temperature checked and can only have five in a room. I also set up MyGood, a non-profit, supporting families who have lost loved ones to police violence.

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