Be a cookie monster

This is the holiday for sweet teeth, right? So, rather than gorge yourself on candies, why not take to the oven and bake some fresh treats on this cold October night. Create ghost and witch shapes with homemade dough, or buy pre-made Halloween-themed cookies already shaped into goblins and ghouls. Pillsbury has a great ready-to-bake pumpkin-shaped cookie option that’s available at most grocery stores. If you’re not a cookie person, consider brownie mix or cupcakes. Whatever route you take, be sure to top them off with some icing and black, purple and orange sprinkles.

Have a movie night

Whether it’s with your family or a few friends from your quartanteam, gather round the fire for a Halloween movie night. The selection can be scary — The Exorcist (1973) or The Blair Witch Project (1999) — or more lighthearted — Hocus Pocus (1993) or Beetlejuice (1988) — for those anti-horror viewers. Bundle up in blankets, pop some popcorn and have the lineup ready! Stuck on what to watch? You can use the list of movies compiled by Generation Next!

Play doggie dress-up

Have you ever thought of dressing up your pet for Halloween but never really had the time to get the costume ready? Well, guess what. Quarantine is a great time to tackle a DIY project or do some online shopping. Give your Chihuahua a ghostly makeover, make a little Cinderella dress for your iguana and buy some Minnie Mouse ears for your cat. Although you might not be able to party with friends this year amid the pandemic, dogs are our best friends anyways, right? Get creative and have fun with your pet this holiday. Oh, and don’t forget the cat/dog/fish treats!

Have an online costume party

As we all know, trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples and raging Halloween parties aren’t — or at least shouldn’t be — happening this year. But never fear, Zoom is here! Zoom call your friends in your Halloween costume for a virtual fashion show! Dressing up is fun even without anyone to show your costume to, but online video calls and FaceTime make it easy to show off those fairy wings, princess dresses and giraffe suits.

Carve a pumpkin

Amid this pandemic, all we have is time. So, why not spend some of it getting your hands dirty and carving a pumpkin with your family? You can even make a game out of it by competing for the best design. Draw up your design, clean out your pumpkin and start carving! One tip: When cutting open the pumpkin, keep the seeds. After you’re done, you can flavor them with spices and roast them for a good snack.

Have a ‘ghost photo shoot’

Maybe you’ve heard of a trend called “the ghost photo shoot” that’s circulating on social media right now. If not, you’ll soon learn. Grab a white sheet, a (fully charged) camera and some fun accessories. Head out to find your favorite fall location to take some pictures posed as a ghost with friends. If you’ve got a tripod, put the shutter on a super slow speed, like several seconds, and move around the scene after releasing the button. You’ll show up multiple times in the same frame — just like a spooky ghost!

Roast marshmallows

Sitting in front of a fire on a brisk cold night is simply the best feeling, especially when gooey marshmallows and dripping chocolate are involved! Now is a good time to take your eyes off the screen, sit back, relax by the heat, make s’mores and tell a few scary stories. Consider pulling up a true-crime podcast to play in the background.

Sofia Barker is a sophomore at the Academy for Technology and the Classics. Contact her at [email protected].

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