Filters, just like trends, come and go, with social media fans widely using the clown and filler layer, time warp scan and face swap.

But now there’s a new filter in town that has soared in popularity on TikTok. It’s called the Versailles Run.

It shows an animated figure, in the style of retro graphics, running through the gilded palace in a Marie Antoinette-style outfit.

The filter allows the user to impose their face onto the screen, making it appear as if a cartoon version of yourself is running around the French castle.

The Versailles Run hashtag already has 373 million views online as people quickly jumped on the bandwagon, but one man has been dubbed a “legend” for recreating it in real life.

Sam DiBartolomeo in the Palace of Versailles
Sam DiBartolomeo in the Palace of Versailles. The 24-year-old has been dubbed a legend after using the Versailles run filter in the palace.

Sam DiBartolomeo shared a video to his TikTok account, @eu_saminator, showing himself at the real palace, in the outskirts of Paris.

The 24-year-old filmed the exterior of the sprawling property, as he captioned the video: “POV: you don’t have the filter so you have to run through the real Versailles.”

It switches to DiBartolomeo, who calls himself an aerospace and mission system engineer, running through the vast rooms, mimicking the filter.

The opulent and gilded surroundings can clearly be seen, as he perfectly matches the filter’s route, running through a room with chandeliers and then down a staircase.

DiBartolomeo, who was on vacation in Paris from Belgium, told Newsweek: “So I went to Versailles just before it closes around 6. I was the last one to be allowed to get in. But when they close they let people finish their tour. So I was like the only one in the palace.

Sam DiBartolomeo in the Palace of Versailles
Sam DiBartolomeo in the Palace of Versailles. He managed to nearly get the entire place to himself after he visited near closing time.

“I wasn’t expecting that. Then I remembered that TikTok had the Versailles filter I thought that would be funny to record myself in the actual Versailles. I was not that embarrassed because I was alone.”

DiBartolomeo’s TikTok explains he’s “trying to reach the U.S. from Europe using a VPN,” suggesting why he wasn’t able to use the filter.

Since being uploaded on Thursday, the clip has already amassed more than 10 million views, as people demanded he splice it with the actual filter for added effect.

DiBartolomeo gave his followers what they wanted, as he used his VPN to access the filter, and filmed himself using it while standing in the actual palace of Versailles.

People have branded him a “legend,” as one said: “You win this trend.”

Brooke Lynn wrote: “You sir get the gold medal in this trend.”

Sara claimed: “This is genuinely iconic.”

Dana Marlowe commented: “Somebody send this guy a wig—this is legendary.”

Ally asked: “How did it match up perfectly.”

Michelle Scalpone declared: “This is the best TikTok period.”

Kade Turner thought: “He understood the assignment and went for the extra credit.”

While Berry simply wrote “legend,” and CynthiaLeeFontaine joked: “You forgot the dress and wig.”

The "galerie des glaces" in Versailles
This picture shows the “galerie des glaces” at the Palace of Versailles on December 10, 2020. A man has been dubbed a legend for re-creating a filter by running through the real castle.

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