With the New York charity circuit on hiatus, here is how some philanthropists and society figures are spending their time and resources during the pandemic.

Age: 59

Occupation: actor, singer

Favorite Charity: the Actors Fund

Where have you been hunkering down?

For the past few months, we’ve been in our townhouse in Greenwich Village. I’ve lived here my whole life, right by Washington Square. I’m still living a few blocks from where I was born. I feel that we’re lucky, but I don’t enjoy lockdown.

On April 17, you are joining Nathan Lane and the original cast of “The Producers” on the Stars in the House YouTube channel to benefit the Actors Fund. Did playing Leo Bloom have an impact on your career?

I wondered if maybe people would start thinking I’m a nebbishy accountant. You try to get superhero roles after that. But I didn’t.

Are you itching to perform again?

I miss it much more than I thought I would. I miss an audience. I miss filming, too, trying to figure out scenes, the crews, all of it. Not only that, I really miss going to shows. You realize how much you depend on it. It’s something to discuss with your friends, a place where you run into them. There’s a whole life around it that I miss.

Has being sequestered brought you closer as a family?

It has, probably just by virtue of how much time we spend together, how many meals we share. We do a lot more of that than we used to. Everybody makes fun of men who do this, but I make beans. During lockdown you could either make sourdough or beans. I’ll watch somebody make something on YouTube. I’ll try anything, within reason.

Please tell us about the collection.

I’m in the process of relaunching my brand, 5:31. I’m making it extremely affordable and unisex, with a focus on shirting. I’ve stopped caring about trends and fame. I just want people to have real clothes again. I say: Give us a good top with some cool colors we can rock with some sweatpants, and show some individuality without being too obnoxious.

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