The house even has the must-have Halloween decoration: 12-foot-tall skeletons on each side of the doorway.

MAUMELLE, Arkansas — One of central Arkansas’ most decorated houses got a little more special this year. The Halloween decorations are spooktacular, but there’s one piece that’s got everyone talking.

Giant-sized skeletons on either side of the house tower over guests as they walk into the home.

It’s the most sought-after decoration for Halloween 2020. A 12-foot tall, 90-pound plastic-and-metal skeleton with battery-powered, blinking LED moving eyes.

These must-have giants cost a whopping $300 each.

“We ordered them back in August when they first came online, because I knew simply they would not last that long. Right after we got ours, I checked a week later and they were sold out,” said homeowner Alan Wray.

The giant skeleton, originally sold by Home Depot, was long-ago sold out on the company’s website and was sold out from most of the retailer’s physical stores by September.

The Wray family won’t be reselling their one-of-a-kind Halloween décor. They are making space in the attic to store the giants.

These must-have giants resale price is as much as $1,500 on eBay. 

For the Wray family it’s not about the spooks or tricks… but the treats, and it’s the treat of an amazed neighbor and stupefied passerby that makes it worth it.

“We’re just trying to do it for the fun and make others happy, and during this time right now a lot of people would like to come by and would just like to have that ‘oh my gosh’ moment,” said daughter Alexis Wray.

The family tells THV11, they go all-out on decorations for Halloween and Christmas, and they plan to do an even bigger display for Christmas this year.

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