German luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz has reported a recovery in sales in the Middle East after being hit by massive losses during the initial months of the lockdown. The pandemic did dent demand, but also caused an uptick in sales, since consumers prefer private vehicles to ensure social distancing.

The covid-induced new normal has also created a thriving community of online shoppers in the region, including UAE which is reaping benefits of enthusiastic tech adoption. Mercedes-Benz has shifted gears with changing times, and has unveiled its online store in Dubai, which is also the brand’s first in the Middle East.

The platform will feature real time info on availability and retail rates of the firm’s cars, along with specs that consumers must known before making a purchase. Interested buyers can then pay for the vehicle online or reserve one for themselves.

The consumers even get options to customise engine configuration, wheel dimensions and design elements right from external aspects like colour to upholstery to personalise the car’s interior.

Sparking off digitisation a year after fellow German carmaker Volkswagen launched online sales in the Emirates, Mercedes-Benz’s digital portal allows clients to book test drives online. The selected model is then sent to the prospective customer’s doorstep for a trial spin, so that consumers can make a truly informed choice in the data-driven age.

To meet top notch customer satisfaction standards that Mercedes is known for, the platform allows quick access to execs for answering any query related to the vehicles or perks.

The gloom for auto sales in the gulf was reflected in a YallaMotors report which showed that almost 65% people had postponed plans to buy a new car due to economic uncertainty. But the recovery started after restrictions were relaxed in the region, and Mercedes ended up launching six new models towards the end of a year that drove the world towards accelerated digitisation.

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