• An alleged Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is listed on a major online retail site
  • The device is an alleged engineering sample of the next successor of the Surface Pro 7
  • The Surface Pro 8 is listed for sale with a bid price of $1,300

A device externally identical to the Surface Pro 7 was listed on eBay as the Surface Pro 8 prototype sporting a 32 GB RAM and an 11th generation Intel processor.

Windows Central recently reported about a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 listing on eBay. The said model is allegedly a prototype but features top-tier specifications. This includes the Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, 1 TB of Solid State Drive (SSD) and 32 GB of RAM at 4267Mhz.

The Surface Pro 8 prototype was listed by eBay seller zzaj300n, who has a 100% positive rating on the giant retail site. The product is for sale and is described as an unreleased engineering model. Based on the retailer’s images, it looks like Microsoft did not make major design changes to the Surface Pro 8.

800px-2019_02_Microsoft_Surface_Pro_2017_with_signature_type_cover Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 with the Microsoft signature type cover attached Photo: Takeaway/Wikimedia Creative Commons

The images also reveal that the Surface Pro 8 comes with a USB-C port, an SD card reader and a USB-A port. There is also an increase in terms of RAM compared to the older sibling, which is good news. The Surface Pro 7 maxes out at 16GB of non-upgradable LPDDR4x RAM.

It is rare to see Microsoft Surface prototypes showing up online, particularly engineering samples of hardware that has not yet been officially announced. The listed Surface Pro 8 is only available for pick-up in Seattle, Washington, with the bid price starting at $1300. It is worth noting that purchasing unconfirmed hardware online could be tricky, so it is better to exercise some caution.

Unfortunately, the eBay seller ended the Surface Pro8 listing because the prototype was already sold. So far, Microsoft has not said anything about the Surface Pro 8. A recent report from Windows Latest claimed that sources familiar with the development revealed that there would be no Surface Laptop 4 or Surface Pro 8 at the next Microsoft event.

According to the site, the Redmond-based tech giant decided to ‘delay’ the Surface Pro X and the Surface Laptop 4 because of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The site speculated that the Surface Pro 8 could be released in the early part of 2021.

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