Hazel should cool the search for a girlfriend and, instead, focus on her relationship with her attention-needy boyfriend…or dump him altogether.

Minty has been trolling Hazel and Tarik from 90 Day Fiance on Instagram after a tense confrontation on the show. Tarik and Minty had a special connection with each other that rubbed Hazel the wrong way. Minty eventually did the one thing Hazel was worried about and made a play for Tarik’s heart. Now it seems that the Thai beauty just can’t quit the couple.

Could it be a fatal attraction for Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan? It seems that the pair’s one-time girlfriend Minty has been sidling up to Tarik online, despite loud protests from his fiancée, Hazel. Fans might remember that Hazel revealed herself to be bisexual. After Tarik confessed that he had been in contact with Minty during a breakup, Hazel became curious about her and asked to see a picture of the other woman who captured his heart. She found Minty attractive, which thrilled Tarik. He quickly decided to act on Hazel’s attraction by introducing the women face to face. Unfortunately, after seeing Tarik fawn over Minty, Hazel put a stop to the relationship and turned a cold shoulder to her romantic rival. However, Tarik continues to find excuses to reach out to Minty, including an ill-fated conversation in which he asked her to weigh in on what type of woman he and Hazel should be pursuing together. Minty, of course, used the opportunity to make a pass at Tarik, further adding fuel to Hazel’s insecurities about her husband’s crush. Now, it appears that Minty is intent on exploiting Tarik’s weakness for her by targeting the couple online.

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Minty was recently seen on social media dancing to Tarik’s song, “Hawt Sauws.” Maybe it’s a stone-cold jam and she just couldn’t help herself. Or maybe she’s sending some pretty obvious signs to Hazel that she’s got designs on her man and will stop at nothing to land him. It seems like 90 Day Fiance fans are starting to question this storyline, too. One Reddit user wrote:

“Eh from what I gathered open or multi-partner relationships are pretty big on trust, I think part of Tarzel’s relationship is that they can veto each other’s potential partners. Plus, maybe Hazel’s wanted GF may be a shared partner of Tarzel and not just a relationship of Hazel. Anyways, I agree if you start poking holes at the Minty plot line it falls apart, it could just be an extra layer of drama.”

TLC had a real opportunity to showcase Hazel’s bisexuality in a positive light. After all, bisexual men and women are largely underrepresented in film and on television. However, her storyline has devolved into a plot line that favors Tarik’s lust for a polyamorous fantasy as opposed to allowing Hazel to explore her sexuality in a much safer environment than her home in the Philippines. Now that Hazel has opened this Pandora’s box, it’s going to take a miracle to shove Minty back in.

It’s crystal clear that Minty is gunning for Hazel’s spot as the lady in Tarik’s house. He’s made no secret of his love of Thai culture and women. He’s always reaching out to her, and he assumes that Hazel’s bisexuality gives him carte blanche to hook up with whomever he likes as well. Tarik is likely communicating with Minty on a regular basis behind Hazel’s back, slowly trying to wear down his fiancée into giving him his way. That’s the problem with weak men like Tarik preying on women like Hazel; he holds all the cards in the situation, giving him what one assumes is a rare taste of power in his otherwise dopey life. He appears hellbent on forcing Minty back into the throuple, despite how uncomfortable it makes Hazel feel. Maybe Hazel should just cool the search for a girlfriend and, instead, focus on solidifying her relationship with her attention-needy boyfriend…or dump him altogether.

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