Monster Crown, an indie creature-collecting game now officially has a release date of October 12. The developers over the project at Studio Aurum made the announcement in a short and funny documentary-styled video on Youtube, with the backstory of what led to the game’s development as the main focus.

The game has been available for early access on Steam for a little over a year. Developers explained that the title would be in early access from 6 to 12 months and that the goal was to gather as much feedback from players as possible to create a “properly balanced” game.

Monster Crown is a creature-collecting RPG game that shares a likeness with the beloved classic Pokémon and Dragon Quest franchises; the developer even stated that he is a huge fan of both series and they definitely influenced the Monster Crown’s development. What makes this game different, however, is the ability to breed and fuse monsters together. This gives players freedom to create their own monster species.


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The overall plot of the game involves a mysterious island called Crown. The island has a deep and dark history involving “sadistic rulers” and “heroic saviors,” and even still a threat rises. Players are responsible for preventing the uprising tyranny of a dangerous young woman who seeks to take over. With the help of monster pacts and careful decision making, players can mold their future to be either the savior or a “dark messiah” of Crown.

Gameplay features include making pacts with monsters to achieve different goals, such as gaining protection while providing them with shelter. The game starts out with over 200 base monsters for players to gather, breed, and fuse together to create new species. Online-play will also be an option. Players can participate in online battles and trade new species they created.

Monster Crown will be available digitally and physically on October 12 for Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the announcement trailer below.

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