For a great insight into your past, present, and future, one of the best options these days is to have a tarot card reading. The meaning and guidance of each card will help you understand yourself better. Versatile and perceptive, tarot readings will shed a light into different areas of your life, from love relationship, marriage, career, money to any other matter, plus adding extra advice and solution.

Referring to the best free tarot reading online, where should you look for? This kind of service is quite popular on the internet…you can easily find numerous websites offer it in various ways. Of all choices, how to determine which ones are authentic and which ones are just scams?

Some networks or apps deliver a completely free online tarot reading; the truth is: you shouldn’t expect too much. Free readings are not really accurate because they repeat the same information for literally everyone. In case you need an in-depth reading made for you only, it’s a must to talk to a live tarot reader with rich experience. They’re capable of providing guidance to whatever issues you’re handling at the moment. Of course the real experts won’t serve their service for completely free.

As a tarot lover, I’ve experienced all most popular tarot reading services. While some are a bit off, others are really profound and empowering. In today’s guide, we’ll come up with a list of best sites offering accurate tarot readings at affordable rates.

Here are our top recommendations:

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The Best Free Tarot Reading Online Sites

1. Kasamba – Free Love Tarot Reading Online Accurate

Kasamba is always our first choice when it comes to love tarot readings. They got a large collection of well-experienced advisors who are compassionate, knowledgeable, and genuine. With hundreds of tarot readers in the network, you will surely find one suitable for your needs. Each with their own specialties which means they can assist any of your situations.

When getting one free tarot reading online accurate on Kasamba, you can connect to their reader through several different ways: text chat, phone, or email. Like anything else in the universe, each method has pros and cons…so simply trust your intuition and go for what you feel most comfortable with.

For all new clients, Kasamba has an introductory offer of 3 free minutes which will be given at the beginning of a reading with every new tarot reader. A live tarot reading session at this network will provide you whatever you are searching for. Tell yourself to be assured if the site is Kasamba!

  • Hundreds of true, authentic tarot card readers
  • A special treatment of 3 free minutes and full refunds
  • Available 24/7, advisors can help you at any time and convey the reading via phone, chat room, and email
  • The searching filers make you pick your favorite readers faster and easier

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2. CaliforniaPsychics – Best Free Online Tarot Reading via Phone

CaliforniaPsychics has been in the industry since 1995. They offer psychic readings including free online tarot reading by phone and online chat to plenty of clients throughout the globe. With over 270 tarot readers available 24/7, you can select and talk to the one you feel most drawn to effortlessly. All of them are screened thoroughly and rigorously for their skills, and some even have more than 20 years of experience.

A tarot reading by CaliforniaPsychics will positively change your life. Once you find yourself stand in a crossroads and unable to make decisions, contact a tarot reader immediately. They will reveal possible outcomes or consequences of a wrong choice waiting for you.

How accurate are tarot card readings at CaliforniaPsychics? Whether your matter is about love, relationships, money, career, or health, you can rely on their tarot readers. Not only delivering a trustworthy service, but they also charge it at a very affordable price. Newcomers will pay a super low price at only $1 per minute for a 10-minute reading.

  • All tarot masters are screened and tested for legitimacy
  • Readings can be done via phone or direct chat messaging
  • Reputable psychic company with 25 years of experience
  • The unique 3-level pricing system

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3. Oranum – Talk to Absolutely True Live Tarot Reader

Oranum is a home-based spiritual community online with a large selection of psychic advisors. You will also find a variety of different services once landing on the homepage, such as general psychic readings, tarot readings, dream interpretation, astrology, numerology, aura cleansing, etc. This website has been in business since 2010 and growing quickly to date. They have a great reputation for serving the best tarot card reading amongst all networks.

My favorite part about Oranum is their live video chat through webcam, which allows all customers to interact with their favorite tarot reader face to face indirectly. This is the home of psychics from all over the globe; this means you can easily find one reader at any time no matter where you live. The interface of Oranum allows visitors to check the profile of each psychic advisor, including the ratings and reviews, as long as having the free account.

No one offers the special promotion better than Oranum – you will receive $9.99 free credits in the account which later can be used for the 10 minute tarot chat reading.

  • Numerous types of readings and psychic specialties to choose from
  • Text chat and live video chat available 24/7
  • $9.99 free credits for 10 completely free minutes
  • Mobile app to connect psychic experts conveniently

Get $9.99 FREE credits in the first registration!

4. LifeReader – Trusted Free Online Tarot Reading at Good Rates

LifeReader is a psychic site offering all kinds of readings and advice services. Aside from psychic readings with spiritual readers, you can also meet highly experienced specialists and guidance councilors who are capable of providing advice on various aspects of life (love/relationships, career, finances, health, and so on). There’s also a category of tarot readings in which you will find plenty of genuine and intuitive experts guaranteeing to better your situation.

Once accessing LifeReader, you will instantly be connected with only the best tarot card readers. All are hand-selected and need to pass the rigorous screening process before getting accepted as well as serving the first reading. New clients visiting this network will receive a free 4 minute trial to see how it actually works. In addition, free weekly horoscope is available every week letting you know things the future is holding for you.

What impresses us most about LifeReader is their well organized clean website. Easy to navigate, the design helps you view the profile of each spiritual experts with ease and convenience.

  • Awesome deal: 50% OFF + 4 free minutes for online chat (or + $0.19 per minute for the first call)
  • Wide range of psychic experts
  • Most rigorous screening process for all advisors
  • Easy to connect with your favorite readers

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FAQs about Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate

1. What is a tarot reading exactly?

We usually ask for tarot help, but not many can tell exactly what a tarot reading is; that explains why this is the most asked question about tarot. Talking to tarot card reading, it’s an old divination system using a set of cards to get a glimpse into one’s life and offer spiritual guidance regarding their pressing matters, such as relationships, finances, opportunities, etc. The interpretation will give insights into the past, present, and future and help stay in touch with the inner self.

Over 500 years old, tarot deck is one of the best evidences proving the wisdom of our ancestors. Though the history of tarot still remains mysterious, it’s believed to have the origin in Egypt, China, or India. Interestingly, the deck of playing cards in our modern days is a subset of tarot.

By getting a tarot card reading online, you can ask your reader about anything related to your life in which you truly want the answer (love, relationships, marriage, money, career, and health). During a live session, they will shuffle the cards and arrange them in a particular layout called ‘spread’. Based on each card’s position, they will start explaining its symbol and meaning. The information can be slightly different depending on your questions and circumstances.

In general, a free online tarot reading is beneficial, especially for your personal growth and development.

2. How accurate are tarot card readings?

This is a very common question from most tarot lovers. Who doesn’t feel skeptical about paying for the very first tarot reading? No wonder they likely end up searching for a free trial. It’s completely understandable, but there is a saying: “You get what you pay for”, meaning you shouldn’t expect much about the accuracy of a free reading. Though tarot readers don’t pay a penny for their gift, online tarot reading is still a service.

If you look for a service with legitimacy and high quality, then obviously you have to spend money.

Absolutely free tarot readings online don’t always offer accurate predictions. Indeed everyone will receive the same script with vague information; or put it simply, the useless guidance from free trials can’t be applied to any situation. Properly you will be more confused when the free reading ends. Not to mention that the whole experience was rushed and you won’t gain insights for your problems or questions. Irritatingly, this kind of free service leaves bad reputation about real tarot readings.

We highly recommend you to try out tarot readings offered by top 4 psychic networks mentioned above. Conveyed by professional experts, the results will hit profoundly and differently. Though it’s a paid service, as a newcomer, you will have chances to talk to your chosen reader several minutes for free to see if they are compatible with you.

3. What are the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana?

A classic tarot deck has a total of 78 cards which is divided into 2 primary parts:

  • Major Arcana is comprised of 22 cards.
  • Minor Arcana includes 56 remaining cards.

All the Major Arcana cards are also known as trump cards. Compared to the Minor Arcana cards, they are more significant because each card represents an important event of a person. Also they hold deeper and more essential messages on a greater scale. If you want to interpret tarot cards, it’s better to learn the meaning of the Major Arcana set firstly.

How about the Minor Arcana set?

56 cards in this set indicate your life on a daily basic as well as all the ups and downs.

4. What are the 4 tarot card suits?

As commented earlier, 56 Minor Arcana cards are categorized into 4 suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. There are 14 cards in each suit, starting with the Ace, then moving through 9 numbers (2-10), and closuring with 4 Court cards: Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

  • The Cups suit represents emotions.
  • The Pentacles suit rules the material world.
  • The Swords suit indicates challenges in life.
  • The Wands suit symbolizes action.

Once you understand and get to know the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana as well as all 4 suits in the tarot better, then you can interpret a simple spread for yourself. It takes a long time to become a professional reader because you must learn how all the cards work together in combinations.

5. What are benefits of online tarot readings?

For sure you will gain certain advantages after getting an online tarot card reading. Many usually think that tarot readings work only if they meet the tarot advisor in person. Well, we must say that’s a big misconception about this kind of service. Totally not true, a real tarot reader can be able to tune in to your energy regardless of the distance. These days, it’s easy to ask for a genuine tarot card reading online; the advisors will deliver their service mainly via online chat, video call, or mobile phone.

Except the part you are not in the same room with your tarot reader, the reading cards process from the online session is the same as the offline one. Just sit cozily on the couch and select the method you feel most comfortable with.

Not only giving you the reading as accurate as the traditional version, but online tarot readings also come up with other extra advantages.

  • You don’t have to travel somewhere far just to see the reader.
  • Browse through the website and you will discover a wide range of psychic advisors. In case you can’t find any good tarot reader near you, then look at numerous profiles of all experts available on reputable tarot sites. Read the reviews and go with the one you feel most drawn to.
  • Tarot readings done online have more reasonable prices; and you are always offered coolest deals on popular platforms on special occasions, such as Kasamba, CaliforniaPsychics, Oranum, and LifeReader.
  • In order to know if your selected reader is legit or not, the simplest way is to read their reviews and testimonials given by previous customers. This can help you narrow their style of reading and see how reliable their service is.
  • The convenience gaining from online tarot readings is undeniable.

So, what are you looking for? Access to a psychic site and talk to the best reader there while enjoying the comfort from your home. Relax and calm your mind during a session so that you won’t have any pressure if the tarot expert asks you to open up. Don’t hesitate to try the online version of tarot readings if the meeting in person gives you anxiety.

Keep reading in case you still have more questions!

6. What is a tarot reading for love?

Exactly like what you are thinking, tarot for love is a type of tarot reading giving insights into love romance generally and your relationship specifically. Having a love tarot reading means you will gain in-depth understanding about your love life in the past, present, and even future.

How will the free love tarot session be like? Just like any other type of readings, all you have to do is to ask your reader one desired question and pick three cards from the deck. Then, they will do the interpretation for each and explain the meaning. The cards’ position and hidden symbol will reveal whether or not you are in a potential relationship, or when will you meet your soulmate. Of course still plenty of matters you can ask tarot cards.

Some are:

  • Will this relationship last forever?
  • What should I do to be a good partner?
  • How can I improve my current relationship?
  • What can I do for a more fulfilling love life?
  • How to get back with my ex?

7. Are tarot card predictions true?

We human beings are always searching for the truth and certainty. It’s understandable and that also explains why we crave for tarot guidance. Thanks to the cards’ answers, life would be much simpler and better. For centuries, tarot readings are considered as the tool helping people resolve any matter quickly. The information will also unveil what awaits you in the near future and solutions to achieve the set goals.

Nevertheless, tarot cards don’t predict the future as you may think. Keep in mind the tarot reader provides you guidance only to change your life better. Don’t try to ask the exact date when you will get married or become prosperous because you will never find out. Rather than describing your future in details, tarot readings shed light on different matters in various perspectives. The cards’ deepest meaning guides you towards the brighter path, but overall it’s up to your free will and intuition to make changes.

Never rely completely on tarot predictions because your reader is not 100% accurate. No matter how authentic and experienced they are, sometimes they can make wrong interpretation. For sure they will try their best to assist you, but don’t take the whole thing seriously.

8. How to know your tarot reader is genuine?

In this article we already chose the best psychic networks; hence, you don’t have to waste time and money to try dozens of tarot readings like before. The screening process is available at Kasamba, CaliforniaPsychics, Oranum, and LifeReader, so chances for you to interact with scam artists are rare.

Check some signs below anyway to determine if your tarot reader is really trustworthy:

  • The tarot expert keeps asking you a lot of things. If your reader is true, they will do the opposite. It means you ask your urgent questions and they will answer everything. A reader who can’t stop digging information from you is because they need details to respond you.
  • The tarot reader starts the session by warning you about the curse fallen upon you. When giving the warning, they will suggest a special offer at the same time in which you need to pay an additional fee to fix the issue. Definitely depression or negative energy can’t be removed just by one reading; therefore, you should immediately stop the session when hearing something similar.

By visiting our recommended websites here, you won’t see any of these red flags. To deliver the best satisfaction to all customers, all tarot readers must serve their services with strict quality standards.

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