A mum has shared the incredible secret cinema room her husband created in their home – and guests would never know it exisited.

Ange Lanaway posted a video on Facebook showing a cosy open planing living area and dining room with a large wooden bookshelf against the back wall.

But when the mum pulls on the framework of the third section of the bookcase, it hinges open to reveal a secret door leading to a hidden room behind it.

Inside is a huge flat screen TV with a three-seat sofa on a raised platform at the back and two smaller armchairs placed at the front, providing a perfect spot for family movie nights.

You would never know it was there

The bookcase hinges to unveil an incredible secret hideaway

It was uploaded with the caption: “My lounge just had a make over and here’s my secret cinema room for the kids.”

The post racked up almost 2,000 likes, leaving people stunned by the room that looks like it’s come straight out of a spy movie.

One person commented to say: “Wasn’t expecting that. It’s stunning – love it.”

It left others feeling very jealous

A second wrote: “No way no way omg that’s amazing.”

Another replied: “So cozy for these dark nights and cold evenings.”

Ange replied to say: “Thanks guys xxx. Hubby worked so hard for this.”

It’s not the first time an incredible secret room has been hidden behind a bookcase after a travel blogger discovered a quirky addition in her hotel suite.

Zanna van Dijk was staying at the Bella Vista Bed and Breakfast Inn in California, booking into the Monte Vista Suite, which has an online description reading: “If you are clever enough, you will find a secret room somewhere in your suite.”

In a viral video posted on social media, Zanna opens a book on a shelf in the bedroom to find a golden door handle used to open the bookcase.

The shelves then hinge open to unveil stairs down into a hidden reading room, with a floor to ceiling bookcase, an armchair to settle down with your favourite read, and a huge window to take in the spectacular views.

You can watch it here.

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