NEW YORK, April 3, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The goals of online advertisements are to capture people’s attention to take a moment to look, click or read the contents and be able to make them not to scrolling through the ads with annoyance. In particular, presently, advertising companies are producing a multitude of online advertisements. Thus, it is not an easy task to create ads that attract people’s attention and drive more conversion rates within your brand’s website.

As unlikely as it may seem, Mott & Bow, a US jeans manufacturing and distributing company based in New York City, has recently become very popular, experiences a leap in revenue of $7 million dollars within seven months. This is partly because of its several attractive online ads that stimulate purchases. Also, these ads are initiated by Neeta Rajchaiboon, a Thai lady who is currently working as a Creative Strategist. 

“Mott & Bow established its business in 2014. Before I joined the company, it had annual incomes of approximately $4 million dollars. I was then granted an opportunity to work as a Creative Strategist. My roles are to oversee all kinds of media appearances, including websites, online ads across Instagram and Facebook. As Mott & Bow is a startup company and is accumulating its reputation in the jeans industry, the company has limited workforces. Thus, I have to do everything by myself, from planning, initiating concept design or campaigns to boost sales, as well as making and editing video advertising. In January, the company has evaluated its operating results for the past year and found that its revenue has reached $10 million dollars despite COVID-19 epidemic situation and economic slowdown, which adversely affected many businesses. We then began to analyze the causes for such an increase in sales. It appeared that the positive stimulants are online advertisements created by me.” 

As we all know, the key success factor in an online video ad is to drive as much traffic as possible to your website or so called “conversion rates” and be able to stop them at the first 2 seconds of the contents and not scrolling through the ads with annoyance. To tackle such requirements, Neeta said her strategy is to put herself in the customer’s shoes; she would ask herself what she would do if she were a customer to deeply understand what the customers want to know or feel. “If we think like a customer, we’ll truly understand what they wanted.” – Neeta said. Besides, we have to keep up to date with the current global trends, what people are interested in, and their preferences to apply such interest in the ads to draw their attention. 

“To create video ads with the best feedback, I have an idea that we should feature ordinary people, who are our actual customers, to review our products and to present them the most genuinely way. The video production does not have to be fascinating or look professional. This way, people will notice that they are watching actual users, people who actually purchased the products. I would insert our products’ images in the ads to promote them and allow consumers to learn more about our products at the same time. We would also put up more images of products that we want to emphasize in the ads. This technique would allow customers to learn about our products/services quickly. Many companies have tried to make so many fascinating video ads with professional models using their products with high production costs. Of course, they would obtain high-quality ads but it does not mean that that ads will help you increase the conversion rates. However, customers could realize that these models are not actual customers, and the ads would not be credible. For example, a toothpaste commercial claims that the product can whiten your teeth. Anyone can claim that, but people would tend to believe it if actual users quoted the statement. When we purchase products online, I believe that many people would fall into a similar situation where we cannot evaluate the products physically, including myself. Therefore, I would take a look at the user review section first to learn about actual users who have experienced the products. This is the same idea of using real people to advertise a product.” 

Neeta has created various outstanding advertising works for Mott & Bow. She had many achievements before that since her studying in Interior Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand, where she made renovation design of Seefah Restaurant. After her graduation, she started her career in interior design at Steven J leach JR. Associate Limited and had been working in the company for 2 years. During that time, she joined the design team for OZO kata Phuket, a hotel under ONYX Hospitality Group. She also ever had an opportunity to conduct interior design for CentralPlaza Nakhon Ratchasima department store. 

After that, she decided to pursue a master’s degree at Pratt Institute major in Design Management in New York. She gave a reason for choosing this program that, besides strategy, the current business has to rely on design in problem-solving. This program involves the application of design in business growth. During the program, Neeta took an internship in an event organizer company she was proud of. 

“At first, I still did not know which career path I should pursue. Nonetheless, I felt that I am good at graphic design. Moreover, at that time, I had the opportunity to work as an intern in an event organizer company in Event Designer position.” Under her responsibilities, she was involved in New York Fashion Week, held on the lower east side, Manhattan. Neeta was in charge of every process from designing a concept, venue scouting, contacting designers and makeup artists, coordinating with all the involved parties, and attending all the matters from start to work completion.

Besides, apart from a job at Mott & Bow, Neeta also has her own personal project. She plans to run a small nail studio business under the name Nails Lab (IG: @nnail.lab). She believes that her experience and passion will definitely help her to run the business successfully. This is also one of her achievements which she is proud of.

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