Furniture shopping, for me, is a sport. It takes constant comparison of design, price, and dimensions that can be physically and emotionally exhausting. It’s fun, well, at least it’s fun when you know where to start. While I can’t help you pick the perfect pieces out (sorry), what I can do is provide a resource I wish I had when I was shopping for my home decor. This is an all inclusive guide to the best brands to shop online for furniture organized by what I think after testing their products, they are best at. All of these brands do more than their categorizations in this hub, so feel free to look towards them for other inspiration as well. Whether you’re in need of a new sofa, bookcase, rug, or credenza, rest assured, there are recommendations to brands that will help you find the piece of furniture you always dreamt about.

FLOYD: FLOYD makes really extraordinary furniture. And while all of their pieces are excellent, I think The Shelf really exemplifies their model. The Shelf proposes a unique way to customize your bookcases and shelves — there are add-ons, special units, and plenty more features designed to help create the perfect personalized storage space.

Burrow: Burrow is a flat-pack extraordinaire. While flat-pack might make you think of Ikea, Burrow does it in luxury. They are known for their sofas and chairs, but they recently launched a new line of storage systems, including credenzas, and shelving systems that really stand out. They are retro-looking in the best possible way, and better yet, extremely simple to put together.

The Inside: There’s nothing like customizing your furniture to fit into any kind of decor you have. The Inside provides dozens and dozens of unique patterns and prints that can be made into a sofa, an armchair, and even a placemat. The traditional designs get a punch of quirk as they partner with designers and influencers alike to add new and interesting colorways.

Allform: Scouted Contributor Wendy Rose Gould ordered a custom couch from Allform, sight unseen, and it worked out swimmingly. It’s never been easier to design a custom couch. You can select from seven fabric colors and two leather colors, and select between an armchair, loveseat, three-seat, or sectional. You can choose between leg finishes and add matching pillows, too. Better yet, even though it’s custom made, they deliver within two weeks time.

Inside Weather: If you’re looking for a new desk, I can’t recommend the Jorn desk enough. As with all of Inside Weather’s furniture, it’s completely customizable so you can create the most aesthetically pleasing desk out there, and one that suits your needs, as well. You can choose from a variety of shelf surface designs and colors, as well as desk configurations, and this technology transfers to their chairs, tables, and more.

Industry West: Industry West is a go-to for Mid-Century Modern furniture. They have tons of options including excellent coffee tables and desks, lounge chairs and sofas, but best of all, whatever it is, they’ll ship it to you extremely fast. No more waiting weeks for your furniture. With Industry West, you can start enjoying your new pieces ASAP.

Revival Rugs: Shopping for a new carpet might be the most challenging venture when looking for furniture. Or so I thought. When I tried Revival Rugs for the first time, I was blown away. Their interface is easy to use, and even though they have 4,000 rugs to choose from, it’s shockingly easy to find that one perfect piece for your home. The Elemental Collection is a great place to start your search.

Ruggable: For me, one of the hardest parts of rug shopping is that I know it will get dirty almost immediately. Well, Ruggable is here to change that. Their machine washable rugs feature rug pads that go in the wash, and inserts that don’t. Better yet, there are plenty of rugs to choose from on-site so you can find one that really ties the room together.

Schoolhouse: Based in Portland, Oregon, Schoolhouse has classic lighting and period inspired pieces that will transform your home. Each piece is an heirloom you’ll treasure for years: whether it’s a wall sconce or new cabinet hooks, the pieces are elegant, simple, yet made to stand out.

Framebridge: Getting things up on the walls used to be my least favorite and last push. Now, it’s easy, thanks to Framebridge. You can upload an image of your art and design a custom frame around it. They’ll work with you to get the art delivered to them, and in two weeks time, your perfectly framed piece will come in the mail, ready to hang on the wall.

Fyrn: If you’re in need of a dining room chair set, Fyrn delivers flat pack chairs that are easy to assemble, and absolutely gorgeous at that.

Akron St: Looking for anything in hardwood? Akron St. has beautiful hardwood furniture pieces including their desks, tables, and bed frames that are built and sourced to perfection.

Article: Article is an absolute rabbit hole. I can’t go on their site without buying something from their mid-century modern decor. Buyer be warned.

Dims: The “New-Century Modern” of furniture, Dims uses sustainable and responsible practices to source wood for their elegant and timeless pieces.

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