A report has surfaced online describing a $40 fitness band from OnePlus, which would launch the smartphone brand into the wearables sphere.

OnePlus looks set to add a $40 fitness band to its line-up this year. The smartphone company has already confirmed that a smartwatch is coming in 2021 — so, if rumors are true, it looks like it will be looking to develop a wearables line in the coming year. With the OnePlus 9 5G also expected to launch in March, it will be an exciting start to the year looks for OnePlus.

OnePlus gives smartphone users a more affordable option, offering flagships that are more reasonably priced than those of competitors and budget phones like the upcoming Nord N10 5G and the Nord N100. OnePlus even offers affordable wireless earbuds, with its OnePlus Buds coming in at just $50. A similar approach can be expected with the company’s upcoming smartwatch, with relatively high-end features offered at a less high-end price to compete with the like of the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line.

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As reported by AndroidCentral, though, the OnePlus Band will likely arrive first, expected to hit the market sometime in the first quarter of 2021. It looks like it will be initially launched in India, with a potential debut in January or February — just before the launch of the OnePlus 9 smartphone. In terms of specs, AndroidCentral says the band will have a number of similarities to Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 (shown above), citing water resistance, an AMOLED screen, and a battery life that could last for days.

What Does This Mean For OnePlus?

OnePlus watch

With a fitness band on the horizon as well as the confirmed smartwatch, it looks as though OnePlus has decided to make a concerted push into the wearables market. Offering the more affordable option first — as it sounds like will be done — is a smart move as it could help to get potential customers interested in wearables from OnePlus. Releasing the $40 OnePlus Band before the smartwatch will give people the opportunity to see what a wearable option from OnePlus might be like without spending significantly more on an unfamiliar option.

Lots of other smartphone companies already offer wearables, so it’s a competitive market. The likes of the Mi Band series from Xiaomi will be big competitors to the potential OnePlus Band, so OnePlus will need to differentiate what it offers from others. High-end but affordable items have become something of a trademark for the brand and continuing this approach, if possible, would definitely be a good idea with its first wearable offering as it tries to build traction.

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Source: Android Central

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