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Online classes to win an argument 4x3

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At a time of rapidly growing political polarization, it can be exceedingly difficult (and exhausting) to fight over an issue — only to reach an impasse every time. And while there’s no surefire way to get someone to agree with your views, there are tried-and-true tactics you can use to at least have a more productive conversation. 

Enter: the art of rhetoric. These classes, talks, and books will teach you everything from classic persuasive appeals to the tools you’ll need to debunk bad-faith arguments, while also encouraging you to sharpen your own reasoning and critical-thinking skills. And while many of these tips tie into political debates, they can apply to everything from your career to your personal life. You’ll learn how to listen closely, negotiate effectively, and, most importantly, have a respectful dialogue with someone you disagree with (granted, of course, that the respect is reciprocated).

While some of these courses and resources are free or free to audit, certificate costs range from $29.99-$169, depending on the class and learning platform. 

10 online resources to help you win an argument:

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