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Oppo has another rollable smartphone in the pipeline dubbed the Oppo X Tom Ford. Images of the device have leaked online that suggest that it will sport a rollable design with a pull-up display that rolls in and out. The same mechanism you see in a scroll.

Though being a concept smartphone this is enough of a hint that the Chinese smartphone maker is working on rollable smartphones. It was last month that Oppo introduced the Oppo X 2021 concept smartphone that extended outwards from the sides. Similar to the concept smartphone showcased by Xiaomi a few months ago.

The new design of the Oppo X Tom Ford comes across as a more pocket-friendly option which is exactly what rollable and foldable technology is all about.

The new Oppo X concept

LetsGoDigital has shared the render images of the slider smartphone which it says has been obtained from company documentation. In its original state, the smartphone is a squarish device that fits easily into the pockets. A similar estate like what we have already seen with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

icon: Oppo X Tom Ford Design leak

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Oppo X Tom Ford Design leak

You can extend the smartphone by pulling it from the top edge to make the device taller. As per LetsGoDigital, the display area increases by about 80 percent when fully extended. The edges are rounded off and it also comes with two pull tabs to help easily roll the device and can also be hung around the neck, the report says.

The renders show there is a triple camera setup at the back aligned horizontally. The rear has been given a leather finish although the area around the camera module has been given a comparatively rough wood grain finish with “OppoX Tom Ford – Designed for concept Shakira” engraved on it.

The phone comes with a SIM tray on the right side running along the edge, however, we haven’t been able to spot a front camera on the device. There is a possibility that the phone’s rear camera will serve a dual purpose of a selfie camera as well. There is also a possibility that the phone will come with an in-display front camera which we have already in smartphones like the ZTE Axon 20 5G.

At the moment, we cannot say whether Oppo will launch the commercial version of the smartphone any time soon.

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