A new business features the motto to stretch dollars and not pockets. As the newest bargain bin store in North Augusta, it aims to make that happen.

Located at 111 Edgefield Drive inside the shell of a former Bi-Lo grocery store, OTB Bargain Outlet opened June 12.

Partners Sir Charles Peat, Gary Witten and KJ Harrison worked to get the store opened. After facing some challenges to get the building ready, they are now open for the community.

“By the grace of God, everything went from there. Everything had been running so smooth,” Peat said. “… We are open and we are trying to bring jobs to the community. That’s what we are pushing for now.”

The store receives brand new wholesale and retail items from retailers like Amazon, Target and Ashley Furniture Home Store. Customers can buy items at a discount.

OTB regularly restocks items and sells any item in a bin starting as low as $5 . Larger items like couches, patio furniture and even seasonal decorations are available.

Deborah Witten, manager and wife of partner Gary Witten, said the community has embraced the bin store.

“People really came out and supported and we have heard nothing but rave reviews about how it looks,” Witten said. “It’s very neat, it’s cool in here. We are hoping to be here and give good prices and everything else so that people can continue to shop here and be a part of the community.”

OTB also offers spaces for entrepreneurs to set up store fronts.

“We are trying to bring something good to the community, not leave another vacant building, which is the important part – that no community wants a vacant building,” Witten said. “Your buildings have to be occupied. Just like a house, it has to be lived in.”

As a part of the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Terra Carroll hopes the business will bring jobs to the community.

‘We are excited to welcome only the best to North Augusta,” Carroll said. “Taking up a large piece of property that had been vacant for so long, they are bringing jobs and opportunity to the community. We are looking forward to them expanding their business and create opportunities for others.”

OTB is thankful for the community and hopes to have festivals with vendors in the fall.

OTB is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Edgefield Square Shopping Center. To learn more about the bin store, follow them online at www.otb-bargains.com/.

Samantha Winn covers the city of North Augusta, with a focus on government and community oriented business. Follow her on Twitter: @samanthamwinn and on Facebook and Instagram: @swinnnews. 

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