For a decade now, shoppers around the globe have waited breathlessly each year to get their hands on the latest collaborative effort from October’s Very Own, the expansive clothing brand founded by Drake in the late aughts, and Canada Goose, the outerwear experts favored by bold expeditioners and wannabe bold expeditioners alike. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first team-up between the two Toronto-based brands, and the duo are celebrating in the only way they know how: with yet another limited-edition capsule collection, this time featuring a specially designed parka and a matching trucker hat in a trio of different colorways.

And boy, Canada Goose didn’t phone it in. To mark the milestone, the brand designed an entirely new silhouette inspired by its tactical heritage and Canada’s scenic outdoor vistas. The Terrain Parka, a mid-thigh length coat built to protect against temperatures as low as 5°F, features an adjustable down-filled hood and eight—count ’em, eight!—exterior utility pockets. The capsule collection also includes a very timely trucker hat style with retro-inspired OVO branding throughout. (Both are available in Maple Leaf Camo, Great Lakes Blue, and Black.)

Any outerwear that gets the coveted Drake cosign tends to make headlines (see the already-infamous Raf Simons bomber the rapper rocked throughout his “Toosie Slide” video earlier this year) and it’s safe to say the dude is a bit of a coat connoisseur at this point. Hell, it kind of comes with the territory. You don’t put on for The Six the way Drake does if your outerwear game isn’t on lock.


The Terrain Parka in Great Lakes Blue.

If you’re jonesing to get your hands on the mysterious new line the artist plans on launching in partnership with Nike, this is your chance to score yourself some Aubrey Graham-approved goods without waiting a moment longer. Provided, of course, you make moves ASAP. Because damn, Wheelchair Jimmy got the juice. (And by juice, I mean the ability to move a shit ton of merchandise. And fast.)


The Trucker Hat in Black.

The Canada Goose x OVO All Terrain Collection launches today, December 3, in select stores and online via the Canada Goose and OVO sites.

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