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Videos from Pakistani influencer Susan Khan’s birthday bash has gone crazy viral for all the wrong reasons. Several videos from the influencer’s birthday party has gone viral in which a sedated and chained lion can be seen lying on a sofa, surrounded by hundreds of party goers.

Pakistani influencer Susan Khan hosted a lavish birthday party in Lahore and to make things a little more “unconventional”, she chose to use a lion as an entertainment ‘prop’ at her bash. Susan had shared videos featuring the lion on her Instagram stories. However, it has been over 24 hours and they have now disappeared. The Internet is furious with the influencer for using an animal as a prop at her party.

Protect Save Animals, an animal rescue organisation, shared visuals from the influencer’s birthday party on Instagram. “While I am not against birthdays and how people choose to celebrate them but I am severely against people using animals as props. And that’s exactly what happened at Miss Susan’s birthday. Lions were shackled left and right and paraded as if they were a new decoration piece. Which they’re not, obviously. Why do we tend to forget that these are living, breathing beings that have the capacity to feel just like you (sic),” the post read.

“How would you feel if someone sedated you, tied you up and thrust you in an environment with loud music and screaming people? It’s ironic how humans are the first ones to forget their humanity. Animals are NOT decor that you can use to show your wealth and status at your events. You DO NOT get to violate another being at the expense of your leisure (sic),” the post further read.

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The comments section is replete with comments criticising the influencer. “Absolutely disgusting, vile, and unacceptable! How can one’s conscience allow this to happen (sic),” read a comment. “Absolutely disgusting, vile, and unacceptable! How can one’s conscience allow this to happen? Not only this woman is responsible, so are the people at the party. Legal action should be taken against her! Report needs to be filed and action needs to be taken (sic),” another comment read. “Absolutely disgusted by this (sic),” an Instagram user wrote.

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The founder of the animal rescue organisation has started an online petition to stop the use of wildlife as props and seeks the support of 1500 signatories.

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