“We hung in there and made something special,” she continued on Instagram. “Am I alone in saying that finishing the show could at times feel very much besides the point as the world shook under immense pain and stress? But I’m reminded, in my own lowest moments that I go to friends, family and entertainment for a respite and that’s worth something.”

“To our fellow pen15-ers: We love you fools. Shalaylay Pumpano,” she closed. “Let’s make sure 2021 is gonna be loaded. Mother Witch says so.”

Pen15 tells the story of Anna and Maya, in which they play versions of themselves as 13-year-old outcasts, trying to navigate middle school in 2000.

Of their personal show, Maya previously told E! News what it’s really like to reenact something from her and Anna’s teenage years.

“Writing it is one thing to share the secrets or stories you feel ashamed about,” she said in July 2019. “That’s just in a room with people you feel close with. It’s another thing to be on set and then relive those moments because you’re actually trying to go back to that time in your brain, and so I was overwhelmed when those emotions came up so quickly.”

She continued, “I was like, I had no idea how close to the surface they were. This is very raw…I guess cathartic to act out. I think I am finding closure through this show for some of those experiences.”

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