Garbage trucks aren’t typically known for their flair.

Or, for that matter, being a tribute to loved ones.

So when Bayonne’s new garbage collection company A&L Disposal began rolling through town last month, heads turned toward their boldly pink exterior, complete with a breast cancer awareness ribbon.

“People tell me it’s very eye catching,” said company owner Joe Bolowski.

The trucks are a triple homage to the Bayonne native’s loved ones.

The “A” and “L” in his company’s name are for Alaza and Leah, his 21- and 8-year old daughters. They suggested the pink design in honor of their grandmother Adrianna Ortiz, who died in her late 50s of breast cancer, Bolowski said.

“It brings back memories for them of spending time with their grandmother,” Bolowski said. “On my wife’s end, it’s something that she takes very seriously and tries to raise money for breast cancer every year.”

Ortiz was an outgoing caretaker who would provide for clients in their homes, he said.

She was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, underwent a double mastectomy, and battled the disease four or five years, Bolowski said.

His trucks have a saying written over the pink paint: “supporting the fighters | admiring the survivors | honoring the taken | and never ever giving up hope.”

Bolowski also owns a demolition company and painted those trucks pink as well.

Bayonne’s garbage services is A&L’s first contract, and if other cities hire the company, they’ll see the pink trucks, too, the owner said.

“Pretty much everyone’s happy to see them out there,” Bolowski said.

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