Fire officials say the best time to prepare for a wildfire is long before getting an evacuation notice.

Portland Fire & Rescue spokesman Rob Garrison offered several steps to get ready for wildfire season.

Create a defensible space by clearing away flammable materials, such as pine needles and pine cones, around the perimeter of your home to slow or stop fire. Cut back tree branches that hang over a house or are lower than 6 feet from the ground. Store firewood and propane tanks away from any structure. Cover rain gutters and vents with 1/8-inch metal screens, and seal eaves and openings in exterior walls.

Enroll in programs to be notified by emergency response agencies via text, call or email about emergencies in the area.

Know the coverage, limits and requirements for home and auto insurance policies. Create a home inventory list and take photos if necessary.

Create digital financial records. Scan financial documents, passports, Social Security cards, insurance policies, titles, deeds and financial accounts for online storage.

Make sure everyone in your home knows the emergency escape plan including how to safely exit dwellings, where you will meet and how you will keep in contact if electricity or phone service stops working.

Update contact information, if necessary, for your pets, such as on an ID tag or microchip, and prepare a lightweight travel bag for them.

Pack a small duffel bag or backpack — a “go bag” — filled with essentials like medicines and spare glasses, alongside hard-sole shoes, that you can grab as you race out the door.

An emergency kit is a good idea, with cellphone chargers, flashlight, red beacon and rechargeable batteries.

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