a blue car: Purchase Your New Mitsubishi Online Because That’s Just How It'll Be

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Purchase Your New Mitsubishi Online Because That’s Just How It’ll Be

The pandemic forced the hand of many experiences and processes to take the virtual route. Embracing technology and immersing in virtual exploits was inevitable but the pandemic was the catalyst that moved things forward. Purchasing a new vehicle online was among those circumstances.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) is the latest member of a very niche group of carmakers with virtual showrooms. You can check out their new online showroom here that has the Triton Quest, Triton, Xpander and Outlander.

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The Mitsubishi virtual showroom experience was formed around four fundamental processes that are virtual takes on the traditional steps in a walk-in purchase of new vehicles. Here they are in sequence:

360-degree Virtual Showroom

Of course, you’ll want to see the car inside and out. Here, the showroom offers a 360-degree view of their model’s exterior and interior as well as zoom functions to get a closer look at select details. You can navigate the view in any direction for a better look. More details can be had with the clickable interactive button that brings up additional information. A traditional gallery is also available.

Test Drive 2U

Next up, you’ll definitely want to get a feel how said vehicles drives. Test Drive 2U isn’t a new service of MMM, having been launched in May 2020. Obviously, it’s the only non-virtual part of the process. Customers may request for a peace-of-mind test drive experience. A few simple steps in the online showroom will set up an appointment with a Mitsubishi dealer bringing the vehicle to your preferred location for a test drive.


Booking Assist

If you like the car you just drove, you’ll want to make a booking next. You can submit a booking request via the online showroom, following which a dealer will be in touch to assist further on the booking from loan to insurance application.

Trade-in Assist

If you want to trade in your current vehicle, no problem. MMM has collaborated with MyTukar; a leading online used car marketplace, for trade-in promotions if you’re purchasing a new Mitsubishi vehicle via the virtual showroom. All you need to do is submit a trade-in assist form online and MyTukar will handle the inspection, handover, transfer of ownership and the collection of the sold car at the customer’s preferred location.

Alongside the launch of the virtual showroom, MMM also took to introducing their Mitsubishi Connect app. Not as interactive as the Proton Link or Honda Connect, the Mitsubishi app allows owners the convenience of scheduling a service appointment with their preferred MMM service centres, keeping track of vehicle maintenance history and receive reminders for their next scheduled service.

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