In August, Rachael Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, lost their home in upstate New York in a devastating fire. Despite the tragic event, Ray has been optimistic and is committed to spreading holiday cheer in and out of her home. And to that end, Ray just shared how she has decorated her new temporary living space — the couple is currently living in their guest house — in a new video.

“This year, we’re not putting up trees, because no families are coming to visit and we lost our main home, our big house, but we absolutely would not let the holidays come and go without some decoration,” Ray says in the clip.

During the video, she shows her 3:00 a.m. inspiration “doodles” of how she wanted to decorate her home for the holidays. “I literally started drawing pictures of what we might do this Christmas,” she explains. Leave it to Ray to make her doodles come to life in the most gorgeous way possible.

In the tour of her decorated house, viewers can spot beautiful garlands and wreaths throughout her home. The cooking mogul’s back porch is adorned in long strands of light that Ray said reminded her of “falling snow.”

But perhaps the most meaningful aspect of her home this Christmas is the table that holds the horse sculpture that was saved from her home, which Ray has aside fresh pine trees — signifying renewal.

At the end of her video, Ray shares a tearful message expressing her gratitude despite the rough year she’s had: “It’s not a lot but these partridges and pears and sugared fruits and things, they do make me feel at home and nostalgic and grateful for the family I have and the life I’ve led,” she says. “And I love that you guys are a part of it. Thank you for sharing the holidays with us.”

We couldn’t be happier Ray managed to bring a bit of Christmas spirit into her new home amid a very tough year.

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