Looking for a chance to try van life? 

There’s a new rental company out of Seattle and Los Angeles called Cabana Vans that offers stylish vehicles with all sorts of amenities for under $300 a day. I spotted one at Deception Pass State Park last week and asked the driver what they thought. Pretty cool was the verdict.

The arrival of this option is yet another signal that this Going Mobile movement isn’t slowing down. We often spot rentals while we’re on the road, but this one stood out because of its quiet elegance. There was no graffiti-like branding splashed on the exterior. The Cabana name was more like a whisper than a shout.

Later, I checked out the interior online and thought: I could make this work. 

My hangup with the whole van life thing is that many of those vehicles don’t have a bathroom. Yes, I’m over the squatty potty in the middle of the night. If I were still up for that, we’d be tent campers again. 

The Cabana not only has a water closet with a shower, there are fancy soaps and shampoo included. Plus, the memory foam queen looks pretty comfy. Though, somebody’s still going to have to crawl over the person on the outside if they need to get up in the middle of the night. (Yes, that’s where I’m at in my life. Ha!)

Lately, we’ve been kicking around the idea of a last-minute summer trip to Iceland to travel in a van. Nothing I’ve seen in that country’s rental pool comes close to the comforts offered by the Cabana.

Maybe we should give that van a whirl to see if we’re ready to downsize from our 23-foot motorhome. Whaddaya think?

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