Rebel Wilson ‘s weight loss secrets have been exposed.

The Pitch Perfect star, 40, is looking sensational after vowing to undertake a ‘year of health’ and losing three stone.

But how did she do it?

As many of us fret about the negative effect lockdown has had on our bodies, personal trainer Lisa Fiitt is sharing some tips on how we can emulate Rebel’s weight loss success.

Lisa, who has her own app, Strong and Sxy, has shared her top tips and tricks of the trade with Mirror Online.

She told us during an exclusive chat: “It’s great to see Rebel Wilson enjoying her fitness journey and showcasing the results she’s set out to achieve – she’s clearly very committed and having fun (on social media) along the way which I love to see!

Rebel is lookind incredible

“Rebel is very committed to this journey and what she has achieved over the last couple of months is incredibly impressive – exercise and being active can be transformative.”

Lisa tells us that Rebel will have been sticking to a strict regime in order to see the results she has.

The personal trainer thinks Rebel is working out for 45-60 minutes five or six times a week, on a rolling three days on, one day off rota.

Lisa says Rebel’s workouts will be a mixture of four HIIT workouts, one weights session for strength and condition and one yoga session to help with flexibility and recovery.

And Lisa thinks that Rebel’s hectic schedule will mean that one day of the week will have to be a double workout day, followed by a rest.

Lisa Fiitt shares Rebel’s secrets with us

She’s lost three stone

She said: “In the beginning, Rebel would have had to start off with 1-2 workouts per week (with a calorie intake of 2,000-2,500 to fuel her exercise), workouts will then be increased with one new session, and 500 calorie reduction across the first 3 months to ensure she doesn’t injury her body.”

Rebel will also have made big changes to her diet, gradually lowering the amount of calories she’s consuming and changing the types of food she’s eating too.

Lisa told us: “In the beginning, Rebel will roughly be consuming 2,000-2,500 calories to help fuel her workouts, at least for the first 2-3 months – this will give her body the energy and nutrition needed.

“From that point, it will be roughly around 1,500-1,800 calories a day max, with a good variety of vegetables (kale, cucumber, spinach) to help keep her immune system healthy, healthy fats (eggs, salmon, flax and chia seeds, nut butter etc) and clean carbohydrates (oats, beetroot, sweet potato, bananas etc), along with high protein.

Rebel pictured before her weight loss

“The key to Rebel’s transformation so far and ongoing is a calorie deficit, which simply means burning more calories than what she is eating – and her strength and commitment.

“There will be little room for sweet treats and highly processed foods, however it’s important to create balance – swapping processed treats for dark chocolate, fruit or delicious overnight oats will help keep those sweet cravings at bay.

“Food prep will be essential, but Rebel will be fortunate enough to have a team looking after her food prep and accounting for all calories and nutrients.”

In Lisa’s expert opinion, Rebel is likely to be doing spin classes, crossfit, tabata and boot camp training sessions.

She said: “HIIT workouts allow your body to speed up your metabolism and naturally burns more calories than it does when you perform lower intensity exercise.”

Rebel in December 2019, just before her “year of health”

She’s been working hard

When it comes to HIIT exercises, Lisa is talking about bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats, burpees, sprints, kettlebell swings and a stationary bike.

But most importantly, Lisa says Rebel will be keeping her workouts fun.

She said: “Rebel’s having a great time with her workouts as you can see on social media, from grabbing and lifting magnums of vodka as her weights, through to working out whilst on the go with friends and family – her attitude and commitment is so impressive!

“Adding in variety to your food and workouts is important to keeping it fun and interesting!”

She added: “Trying new things like yoga, spin classes, barre etc will keep her body and mind moving and finding new challenges for herself.

“Getting outside to workout with friends and family can also add an element of fun and competition”

Rebel was always a stunner

If Rebel wants to keep things going, Lisa notes that consistency is key, but that there’s no need for Rebel to switch up her routine if she enjoys it, she can simply increase the intensity of her workouts as her fitness improves.

Once she hits her desired goals, she can maintain everything with three 45-60 minute workouts a week, Lisa says.

And it’s always important for people wanting to lose weight to make sure they do it in a healthy and safe way, like Rebel has.

Lisa explained: “It’s all about finding the right balance for your body, which can be achieved with effective training, a good diet and keeping your routine fun and engaging.

“Rebel will need to be mindful not to lose weight too quickly as it’s unsustainable long term and she will find herself gaining weight and losing motivation to stay active.

She’s been working out and eating right

Rebel vowed to change her lifestyle this year

“Weight loss is subjective, it really depends on your starting point, how often you train, your body type etc.”

For anyone inspired by Rebel’s transformation to attempt their own, Lisa says: “The first bit of advice I would give to anybody who is looking to lose weight or change their lifestyle to a healthier one is to become more active.

“Take the stairs instead of the lift, cycle to work instead of drive (if possible). Start cooking at home and prepare your food for the day so you’re never caught out.”

What might a typical day for Rebel look like?

8am – A nutritious and healthy light breakfast

9am – First workout (60 minutes)

11am – Snack (eating little and often to keep the metabolism burning and to give her all the nutrients she needs to support her training)

1pm – Lunch

2pm – Snack

4pm – Second workout (60 minutes – alternated with yoga)

6pm – Dinner

8pm – Snack

9.30pm – Bed (8-9 hours of sleep to help the body recover)

* Work out with Lisa Fiitt by downloading her Strong and Sxy app – It costs £12.99 per month following a free 14-day trial and offers a personalised workout and meal plan for each user

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