Rockstar is adding two new legendary moose to Red Dead Online that can be used to gain new outfits and discounts towards other items in-game.

Rockstar is once again adding brand new Legendary Animals to Red Dead Online with the Snowflake and Night Moose. Every few weeks, players are able to track down and hunt (or collect samples from) new legendary beasts that are stronger and harder to bring down than their standard counterparts. There are also bonuses and discounts in the store related to the Legendary Moose.

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Hunting has continued to be a reason to keep coming back to Red Dead Online. Back in July, Legendary Animals were added to Red Dead Online for the very first time, and players were able to hunt seven different kinds. Players now have the ability to hunt dozens of different kinds of animals, and are also able to experiment with the Naturalist Role, which gives them missions to hunt animals down or collect samples from them to level up. As time has gone on, players have been tasked with hunting more and more deadly creatures like Legendary Bears.

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According to Rockstar Games, the newest update to Red Dead Online allows players to hunt down two separate Legendary Moose: the Snowflake Moose and Night Moose. The Snowflake Moose will spawn in the area surrounding the Barrow Lagoon, and the Night Moose shows up in the northern portion of Kamassa River area. Players who hunt and sell the pelts of these animals will be able to purchase a new outfit depending on which Moose they hunt. Players will also receive an additional 50 percent more money for selling the pelt until October 5th. Those who decide to sedate and take samples of the either moose will receive a 30 percent discount on their next weapon purchase.

Red Dead Online is also offering other rewards to players who log in before October 5th. A bundle of arrows will be given to all players who log in during this time, which includes 10 fire arrows, 10 poison arrows, and 10 small game arrows. All players will also be given a 50 percent discount on tonics sold at Harriet’s shop as well as any throwable weapons that they buy. On top of this any players who connect their Prime Gaming account to Rockstar Social Club account will receive a series of different rewards like free animal pheromones, XP for the Naturalist role, and a free wilderness camp.

The amount of free content and discounts that players get in Red Dead Online is pretty astounding. Hunting these two new Legendary Animals is sure to keep players busy for a few hours at least, and the rewards for doing so will make purchasing a new weapon much simpler in the long run. Looks like its time for players to hop back into Red Dead Online if they haven’t already.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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